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May, 2013 Hodge-Podge   2 comments

At Pipkin’s Market, they have their garden area set up. They had a very clever way to bound their flower beds.
Wine bottle fencing

More places need signs like this:
This sign needs to be more places. #win

For supper, my daughter had a grilled cheese sandwich, two mini bell peppers, some strawberries, and some toasted pecans. I think I made a simple meal special.
Went a bit overboard plating my daughter's supper (grilled cheeee, mini bell peppers, strawberries, toasted pecans) #food

A clean bike is a happy bike.
Bike cleaning

Beso, looking handsome on the steps.
Beso on the Stairs

I keep a bag full of the various cables my mobile devices use (along with external batteries with USB ports, a spare pair of headphones, and a kickstand). My coworkers discovered this, and greeted me (rather it) warmly one morning.
Bpsiple were happy to see me come in the office this morning. Rather, they were happy to see my bag'o'cables.

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Ocelittle and Pallas’ Kittens   3 comments

Lounging Ocelittle
I’ve been trying to see the baby ocelot born at the Cincinnati Zoo on New Year’s Eve all year. On the last weekend of Zoo Babies, I got to see her, and her mom.
Ocelittle Wakes Up

Sometimes she wandered around looking for her mother.
"Mommy, Where Are You?"

Other times, as cats are want to do, they wrestled.
Wrestling with Mom

Going Under Mom

Such a pretty little girl.
In the Stump

The bonus was down the hall.
Pallas' Kitten Cuddle Puddle

Three sleepy pallas’ cat kittens.
Pallas' Kitten Cuddle Puddle 2

Who weren’t asleep for long!

Adorable balls of fluff! Of course, pallas’ cats stay fluffy.
A Pallas' Kitten Ponders

Pallas' Kitten Bokeh

One even came close to the window.
Black and White Pallas Kitten
I love when sitting cats wrap their tails around them like that.

A sand cat was sleeping up on top of some rocks.
Sand Cat Nap, Disturbed

Miss Lop-Ears the caracal was up on the rocks, too.
Miss Lop Ears Wall-Paper

The bobcat, since he couldn’t see the caracal, decided a nap was in order, too.
Bobcat Nap

…and someone must have clued in Nubo.
Nubo Naps

However, the tiger was stalking in the grass.
Tiger in the Weeds

New Favorite Sandwich   3 comments

Báhn Mì

Since I first had one in my early teens, my favorite sandwich has been the New Orleans classic, the muffuletta. I suspect, however, since moving to Ohio about eighteen years ago, there was a large portion of nostalgia in it. Unless I take the time to build it from the ground up, I can only get one once or twice a year, when I travel to Louisiana. It’s just as well–it’s not exactly health food.

Almost ten years ago, I got to watch a show on PBS titled “Sandwiches You Will Like.” Some of them–such as brain or pig ears and snouts–were more than a little off-putting. Others, such as falafel, were intriguing.

One sandwich proved elusive for years. Bánh mì is a Vietnamese sandwich, which combines Asian flavors with a form similar to a po boy–definitely reflecting the historical influences of that land. It is served on an airy form of French bread, with a variety of meat, pickled vegetables, cilantro, and peppers. It was elusive. I saw the program about ten years before I was able to go get one.

Le's CafeIt was awesome! There was a nice combination of sweet, savory, and spicy flavors, and the bread had a good crunch to it. The first one I got was from Pho Lang Thang, a Vietnamese restaurant in Findley Market. It was great, however, not convenient for our normal routine.

However, I recently discovered Le’s Cafe. It used to be located in the main library, but recently opened their own cafe downtown. It’s not exactly close to my office–in fact, it’s a decent hike, but still do-able. Le’s is clearly a family run operation, and I think they are starting to recognize me (I think I’ve made a weekly pilgrimage for the last few months). They have great bánh mì, and the price is quite reasonable ($4 for a sandwich). They also serve rotisserie chicken and pho (a Vietnamese soup)–at some point, I may need to branch out.

I suppose bánh mì has become my favorite sandwich, displacing two-and-a-half decades of muffuletta dominance. Better still, it’s much less-bad for me than it’s predecessor. I’m glad I took the chance to branch out, and was able to find something new. I’m looking forward to finding other places to try bánh mì.

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Finer Photos of My Fowl Friends   1 comment

I confess my prior photos of the baby birds were…less than awesome. The light wasn’t great. Mostly, I posted them as I was so excited. This weekend, I went out and and got a couple better ones.
Two Baby Birds

It’s been really neat having them there.
All Three Baby Birds

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Luna and the Skylight   5 comments

I’ve shown pictures of Luna on the bannister in the hall before. What she likes to do is look at the skylight in the hall. Many months ago, I lifted her to the skylight, so she could see it. We would do that from time to time. I wasn’t sure what she thought about it until today.

I was in our bedroom with my wife when I heard her chirp. I joked about her wanting to look out the skylight. My wife said that Luna tried to get her to lift her to it, but my wife isn’t tall enough to get her. Luna walked into the room, and I asked, “want to see the skylight?” I stood up and walked to the hall. She jumped on the bannister, and walked along to the end, staring at the skylight. She was clearly irritated when I tried to bring her down, clawing to hold on to the edge of the window. There’s my answer: she digs it.
Luna in the Skylight

What will she think of next?

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Garden Planted   Leave a comment

My wife and daughter planted a garden.
The Garden

The main garden has strawberries and red bell peppers.
Strawberries and Peppers

We have an herb garden in front. We have basil, which I like for all sorts of things, including pizza. I requested cilantro, as we’ve been using a lot more lately.
Cilantro and Basil

I confess I was goofing off on my bike while they were working on this. At least Eddy was there to supervise.
Eddy Watches the Gardenning

In other plant news, our flowers are blooming nicely.
Blooming Pink Flower

Red Flowers

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Quotes from My Journal (Part 5)   Leave a comment

This, the latest round up of quotes copied into my journal, wraps up the prior MIO Journal and roughly half of my new journal, which is a Rhodia Webbie.

“For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love.”–Carl Sagan

“I belive cats to be spirits come to Earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through.”–Jules Verne

“If people can be monsters while ‘just following orders,’ others can be heros for ‘just doing their job.'”–commenter on the Fukushima 50

“Without cats, we wouldn’t have the Internet.”–Mike Calore

“In context, the food of cats is frightened of the cat, and is dedicated to its own survival. It is intelligent, brave, fast moving, often well armed, and sometimes much larger than the cat who wants it. So, to live at the edge, the cats were challenged to become highly skilled hunters.”–Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, The Tribe of the Tiger

“Life is just a series of trying to make up your mind.”–Timothy Fuller

“We are not paid for what we do. We are paid for what we can do.”–Coworker

“People join companies but leave bosses.”–@rayhalagera

“Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure you are not, in fact, just surrounding yourself with assholes.”–William Gibson

“The corporate world could learn a lot from the religious one in terms of the dignity of every human person.”–Father James Martin

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Happy Geek Pride Day   Leave a comment

Geek Pride Day
Didn’t realize Geek Pride Day was today until I got up…

What’s left of my Star Wars action figures from when I was a kid. They’re over thirty years old.
My remaining #starwars action figures from my youth

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Baby Birds!   3 comments

Remember the nest next door?
Baby Birds (Side)

It has three new occupants.
Baby Birds (Front)

I’ll try to get better pictures, but I wanted to share this great news!

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Honey Oatmeal Bread   Leave a comment

Honey oat bread loaf

Another week, another bread experiment. The latest inspiration from the Red Star Yeast Pinterest board is honey oatmeal bread. It is a wheat bread, and probably my first successful one. It has a sweet note as you chew it, but a good mouth feel. My daughter isn’t a fan, but my wife and I think it’s great.

Honey oat bread loaf, sliced

While the recipe called for a loaf pan, I made a free-form loaf. I prefer the look, and, lets face it: throwing a blob of dough on a silpat is much easier than greasing and flouring a pan. It seemed to work well, and I think it’s a great adaptation of the recipe. I definitely recommend it.

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