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91 Miles. Moo! #HopeRide2012   Leave a comment

Fun Dan Henry

90 miles. Horses #HopeRide2012   Leave a comment

I think the wind shifted in an unfavorable fashion.

66 Miles #HopeRide2012   Leave a comment

Headwind is killer. Trying to figure out how long I’ll be fighting it. Uhg.

48 miles lunch #HopeRide2012   Leave a comment

They had two bands at lunch (plus one at each rest stop). I like the earlier band better.

42 miles: Red Dog’s Rest Stop #HopeRide2012   Leave a comment

Didn’t *need* to stop–lunch is in 10 miles–but he sets up a mini petting zoo every year.

31.78 Miles Simmons Winery #HopeRide2012   Leave a comment

16.19 miles. Band at the First SAG Stop   Leave a comment

Hartsville, Indiana

At the Start of #HopeRide2012   Leave a comment

Bike is ready; I hope I am.

Hope Ride Wrap-Up   1 comment

On September 18, I did the 2010 Hope Ride, in Hope, Indiana. This is my third time doing this ride, and my twenty-sixth century (ride of 100 miles or more).

The ride was, per the web site, “One Hundred Miles of Bull” (everything is cow-themed). However, I clocked 108.75 miles, making it my second longest ride. It’s not uncommon for rides to not have exact milage, though this is one of the more extreme examples.

All in all, it was a good ride. The wind was a big factor, and I could have done without it. There were one set of falls, south of Hope, that we didn’t go to. I was a little disappointed by that. However, there is a strong chance I’ll be there next year.

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finished! One Hundred (and 8.7) Miles of Bull   2 comments

9% more biking at no extra charge. Ties, and maybe beats, my longest ride ever.

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