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September Hodge-Podge   Leave a comment

Random picture of Luna, the hacker-ninja-princess. Just ’cause.
Luna on a Chair

Bad: Running out of ink. Stupid: Not bothering to note how much ink you have before leaving the house.
Out of Ink

Not sure how this leaf bug got on the blind in my downtown, sixteenth floor office.
Leaf Bug

We were visited by deer, with one even looking into our kitchen window. My coalition spent some time trying to figure out if they could play mountain lion.
Watching for the Deer

My Best Tweet of the Month: “Dear Me in College: Don’t drink cheap beer at frat parties you crash, & base your opinion of beer on that. Hold out for good stuff. Kthxbai”

Hope Ride is awesome–they make it a big party, and almost every rest stop has a live bad. My favorite was one of the two at lunch, Blair Carman. His style is more rockabilly–not something in high rotation on my iPod, but it was fun.

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The Big World at the Cincinnati Zoo   5 comments

We heard that Savanna, the cheetah cub, was making appearances before the cheetah run. Last weekend we thought we’d go see her, however, we got a late start, and barely made it to the show. Unfortunately, she only came out right before the show, and missed her! Still, we did get to see Sihil the ocelot. She demonstrated the ocelot’s ability to climb head first. They have bowed legs and very flexible ankles to facilitate this.
Grabbing the "Tree"

Minnow came out. Here, she is waiting for her trainer to throw the fish into the pond, for her to jump after.
Waiting for the Fish

I think this is the first time I saw Quilliam, the porcupine, this year.

Tommy T ran…then braked!
Tommy Brakes!

The Running Yard is near the giraffes. They watched us walk by.
Catching the Attention of Giraffes

We wanted to see the Night Hunters and Cat Canyon. On the way, a keeper had Gizmo out. He is a African White-Faced Owl. At eight months old, he’s fully grown, and just now getting to see the public. This was the first time he was in this particular location, behind the Reptile House. He was taking it all in.

It’s a big world out here. Isn’t it, Gizmo?
Gizmo Explores the Great, Big World!

The tigers were dozing at Cat Canyon.
Sleepy Tiger

Snow Leopards Renji and Nubo were in a cuddle puddle when we got to their enclosure.
Snow Leopard Cuddle Puddle

However, Nubo heard a squirrel. He got up and walked over to check it out.
Nubo Stares at a Squirrel

Renji was not amused.
Renji Is Not Amused

Nubo eventually tired of the squirrel, bringing out a big yawn.
Snow Leopard Yawn

It seemed to be contagious.
Cougar Yawn!

In Night Hunters, the ocelot was staring at…something.
Ocelot Watching His Stream

At the clouded leopards, there was a real treat…
Stretched Out on a Log

It was their sunrise–they turned on the lights. One of the cloudies was climbing around.

The other was watching him…suspiciously. Their eyes are so intense!

The fishing cat seems so sullen these days. I hope they find her a new friend.
Mamma Fishing Cat

The bobcat is handsome…and he knows it.
Handsome Bobcat

The fennec fox cubs got bigger since the last time we were there.
Fennec Fox Cub

Still, they are bouncing all over, and pestering each other like good siblings should.
Bugged by Sis

100.2 miles. Done #HopeRide2012   Leave a comment

But too late for a root beer float. Stupid wind!

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91 Miles. Moo! #HopeRide2012   Leave a comment

Fun Dan Henry

90 miles. Horses #HopeRide2012   Leave a comment

I think the wind shifted in an unfavorable fashion.

66 Miles #HopeRide2012   Leave a comment

Headwind is killer. Trying to figure out how long I’ll be fighting it. Uhg.

48 miles lunch #HopeRide2012   Leave a comment

They had two bands at lunch (plus one at each rest stop). I like the earlier band better.

42 miles: Red Dog’s Rest Stop #HopeRide2012   Leave a comment

Didn’t *need* to stop–lunch is in 10 miles–but he sets up a mini petting zoo every year.

31.78 Miles Simmons Winery #HopeRide2012   Leave a comment

16.19 miles. Band at the First SAG Stop   Leave a comment

Hartsville, Indiana

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