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Kittens’ First Pumpkin   6 comments

Having adopted a black kitten and an orange kitten two-and-a-half months before Halloween, it seems inevitable that we’d have to take photos of the kittens with pumpkins.
Luna & Beso Investigate
Beso was very hesitant, slowly approaching the pumpkin and sniffing it. He ultimately decided the pumpkins were scary things. I brought one of the small pumpkins over to him. He would tentatively sniff it and paw at it, but backed away very nervously. For all his big Siberian tiger size, he’s not the most brave cat in the world.
Cautious Beso
Luna got into the spirit pretty quick, demonstrating full Halloween cat form.
Spooky Luna
She even gave some coaching points to my daughter.
Caitlin & Luna
The backdrop was really more interesting to the kittens than the pumpkins themselves, making for a great playground. Here’s my favorite out-take.

Are You Dressing as a Snow Leopard for Halloween?   1 comment

If so, are you showing one?
Our Feet Look the Same
My daughter, last Halloween at the zoo.

We Eat a Lot of Rice   2 comments

So much so, we wore out our rice cooker. For Luna, this means a perfect-sized box.

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Cheetah Run 2011   1 comment

I’m not quite sure why it took me so long to go see the cat ambassadors at the Cincinnati Zoo. Yesterday was the first official show we got to see. They made a few tweaks, but it was fun.

For starters, they talked about training a house cat, and the difficulty in that…all while a house cat demonstrated its skills. Looking at this, I wonder if Luna has a second career?
Taming a Wild Beast

One of the cheetahs sneaked out prior to the show.
Bonus Cheetah

One of the new additions was not a cat, but a porcupine named Quilliam.

Cleo the serval demonstrated their impressive leaping ability.
Serval Jump

My best picture was of Minnow. Fishing cats are my second favorite type of cat. You can see her diving in after a fish (follow her eye line to where it was thrown in to the pond).
Diving Minnow

She got it!
I Haz a Fish!

Two cheetahs ran. First, Chance took off!
Chance Starts His Run

It’s easy to talk about the adaptations that allow a cheetah to run at 70 miles an hour–long, flat tail, big nostrils, a springy spine, and semi-retractable claws. However, you also have to stop. Cheetahs have “brakes” in the form of skid spots up their legs. Chance demonstrates his ability to brake to catch the lure.
Chace Closes in on the Lure

Sarah, the world’s fastest cheetah, ran second. She was able to catch the lure half-way through her run. The lure seemed to catch her as well–the line got wrapped around her leg. This wrapped up the show as the trainers had to get her to walk her way out of the line.
This Isn't So Hard

Still, she is a beautiful cat!
Gorgeous Sarah

We went to the awesome cat house mediocre Night Hunters exhibit. Still can’t get good pictures there. I got a tip that if I go early, they are still in “day” phase. I’ll try that some time. Still, I got a picture of a pallas cat, with lots of processing.
Pallas Cat

And this overprocessed ant hill tiger (black-footed cat).
Overprocessed Kitty Wants a New Exhibit

In non-cat news, Illusions the manatee will be released into the wild soon.
Illusions the Manatee

For some reason, I think there people are either hippo people or rhino people. I’m a rhino person.

It’s also “Halozooween,” so many animals, such as the polar bears, got pumpkins.
Polar Bear with a Pumpkin

And kids, such as my daughter, were running around in costume.
Caits in the Hay

Halfway to Cats   2 comments

Rolling on the Floor
Ohio Alleycat Resource told us Beso and Luna were born on April 15. this means that, last weekend, they were six months old. Also, they’ve been with us for two months. We are starting to see their personalities as they are settling in.

Lazy Beso
Beso is a very calm, mellow cat. He tends to lay near us. He hasn’t quite gotten the “right on to of us” nature of his sister. He still has the loudest purr, and it takes nothing for it to start. He purrs when he sees one of the other cats being petted.
Content Beso
He still very close to Eddy. For his part, Eddy seems quite happy to have a partner in his coalition. We can often find them laying together, or giving one another a bath.
Eddy Thinks Beso Needs a Bath
Often, baths become wrestling matches.
All Things Turn into Wrestling Matches
However, Eddy doesn’t have to hold back quite as much, as Beso holds his own quite well.
Beso Gets the Advantage
The most striking thing about Beso is that he’s getting big. About a week ago, I was concerned that he might have been putting on a bit too much weight. Then I realized he simply filled out.

We’re pretty sure he’ll be bigger than Eddy. I’ve taken to calling him (in a cheesy fake Russian accent) a “big Siberian tiger.” You may remember when we got the Dream Curl. You can see how he has grown relative to this (and Luna in the background).
Beso in the Dream Curl
Luna is growing, but still smaller than her brother. She makes up for it by taking life at full steam. She’s the first to try jumping into places they haven’t been. I hate using the term “ninja,” as it has become cliche. However, her knack for appearing out of nowhere in a spot you swore she wasn’t seems to be aptly described that way.
Crouching Micropanther
Luna likes to cuddle, especially with my wife. Often, it will be when my wife is working on her laptop. Luna will put a paw on the keyboard, and try to direct the mouse. Perhaps she’s a hacker.
Lounging Luna
A hacker-ninja…hmmmm…sounds like she could easily be a Neal Stephenson character.
Luna Through the Curl
Eddy still seems to be happy to have the kittens, though he does have to bop them on the head. We almost wish he would do it more, like when they are eating his food. However, he seems to view that as justification for getting into the kitten food.

While taking these pictures, he decided to pose. Isn’t he a handsome cat?
Eddy Poses
Having two kittens has been a lot of fun, even if we often feel like we have our hands full. They have been a great addition to the family. We’re happy they are doing so well and settling in. They are going to be wonderful cats. Still, it’s bittersweet they are growing up so fast.
Sibbling Rivalry

12.24 miles–Looking East Down the Ohio River   1 comment

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Dozing Luna   8 comments

Little Miss Luna naps. I love how she has her tail curled up so modestly.
Curled Tail

I’ve convinced myself (though I will allow for wishful thinking) that she is a black-on-black tabby, much like spots on a “panther.” You can see what I regard as stripes on her leg and near her eye. I traced over them for comparison on the right.
Tabby Stripes?Tabby Stripes? (Highlights)

What do y’all think?

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