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Cycling Statue on the Little Miami Trail   Leave a comment

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Another Mural   Leave a comment

It turns out there is another new mural in Columbia-Tusculum. On the bus this morning, I noticed is sign in front of a neighborhood business.

So, after work, on my ride home, I saw this:

Shepherd Fairey has had an exhibit at the Contemporary Art Center. We got to go tout a few weeks ago. Within the last week or so, he came back and put up murals ,around the city. I’m fortunate enough to have one near my house.

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Columbia-Tusculum Mural   Leave a comment

Mural at the corner of Delta and Eastern

They put a new mural at the corner of Delta and Eastern, themed around my neighborhood, Columbia-Tusculum. It looks great, even if they left out the silly little wall lizards. I took pictures of the individual panels, and display them, left to right, below.

Leftmost Panel

Painted Lady Roof

Kids (and Kitty) on Porch

Crossroads of Columbia and Tusculum

Painted Ladies

Boy (and his Dog) on the Porch

Riverboat, from Alms Park

Rightmost Image (Mirror of the First)

We think it is really well done, and we’re quite excited to see it.

While my wife and I were down there, we noticed that, once before, there was a mural near this site. It is to the right of that tunnel. It’s quite faded now.

Old Mural

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All the Roses   Leave a comment

I doubt they’ll be around much longer

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Downtown Cincinnati Public WiFi   Leave a comment

A mini-project I’m working on is documenting publicly-accessable WiFi sites in downtown Cincinnati. This includes pay sites, free sites, and “free to customers” sites. The map is below.

Green — LilyPad USA
Yellow — Other Free, Open
Blue — Free to Customers
Purple — Pay Site with Free Options for Customers*
Pink — Free to Hotel Guests
Red — Pay Site

If you wish to contribute to this, please e-mail me.

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Baby Otter Swimming Lesson   Leave a comment


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Cincinnati Zoo Fishing Kittens   Leave a comment

These fishing cats were born about a year ago at the

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Duke to Shutdown USENET Servers   Leave a comment

I like to say I was the last of the first people to get on the Internet. I got on in the last couple of years before the web browser came about. In this world, everything was text. While the content wasn’t as rich as it is today, it had a depth to it. You could also access it via almost anything (dumb terminal, 1200 baud modem, etc.).

USENET was the major discussion area–the precursor to today’s forums and blogs. Google bought out and now hosts the archive as part of Google Groups. In fact, I can still find some of my old posts from that day.

clipped from

Duke to shut Usenet server, home to the first electronic newsgroups

On May 20, Duke will shut down its Usenet server, which provides access to a worldwide electronic discussion network of newsgroups started in 1979 by two Duke graduate students, Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis.
The “Users Network,” Usenet for short, grew into an international electronic discussion forum with more than 120,000 newsgroups dedicated to various topics, from local dining to computer programming languages. Each group had a distinctive name such as soc.history or sci.math.
Many social aspects of online communication – from emoticons and slang acronyms such as LOL to flame wars – originated or were popularized on Usenet.

Jim Ellis was one of the two Duke graduate students who helped develop Usenet in 1979.
blog it

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Why Fishing Cats are Cool   Leave a comment

Fishing cats are tied, with cheetahs for my second favorite kind of
cat. House cats hold the top spot, though that migh be, in part, to
the fact I live with two of them.

I get the sense that they are not among the more well known cats. They
certainly don’t have the presence of lions or tigers, or even roll off
your tongue like a lynx or a couger. However, they are pretty cool
cats in their own right.

  • Fishing cats actively hunt for their food in water. They eat
    frogs, snails, crawfish, and, well, fish.
  • They are the only cat who take thier name from their hunting
  • They have adapted to their life by having claws like fishhooks,
    and webbed hind legs
  • They make a cool sound: Fishing Cat Sound
  • They have “eye spots” on the back of their ears. Many cats do–I
    just think it’s cool.
  • As you might imagine, they live in wetlands, mostly in southeast

Unfortunately, these cats are endangered, mostly through habitat loss,
overfishing, and “retribution killing” (when a wild animal attacks a
farmer’s herd. You can learn more about fishing cats (and how to help
them) from The Fishing Cat Project.

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