Why Fishing Cats are Cool   Leave a comment

Fishing cats are tied, with cheetahs for my second favorite kind of
cat. House cats hold the top spot, though that migh be, in part, to
the fact I live with two of them.

I get the sense that they are not among the more well known cats. They
certainly don’t have the presence of lions or tigers, or even roll off
your tongue like a lynx or a couger. However, they are pretty cool
cats in their own right.

  • Fishing cats actively hunt for their food in water. They eat
    frogs, snails, crawfish, and, well, fish.
  • They are the only cat who take thier name from their hunting
  • They have adapted to their life by having claws like fishhooks,
    and webbed hind legs
  • They make a cool sound: Fishing Cat Sound
  • They have “eye spots” on the back of their ears. Many cats do–I
    just think it’s cool.
  • As you might imagine, they live in wetlands, mostly in southeast

Unfortunately, these cats are endangered, mostly through habitat loss,
overfishing, and “retribution killing” (when a wild animal attacks a
farmer’s herd. You can learn more about fishing cats (and how to help
them) from The Fishing Cat Project.


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