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Cats, Dogs and More Cats at the Cincinnati Zoo   Leave a comment

I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a Cincinnati Zoo post. Time to rectify that. I believe I posted about John and Imani, the zoo’s power couple.
John and Imani

They had kids! Three female cubs, named “Huruma,” “Kya,” and “Willa.”
Five Lions

I’m afraid that, in spite of good guidance, I can’t tell them apart. One was sitting close to her parents.
Sweet Cub

The other two stayed by the fence.
Sisters Hanging Out

Sisters Make Great Pillows

…until one of them decided it was playtime!
I Bite My Sisters Butt!

Nearby, were Imara and Brahma, the African painted dogs.
Imara and Brahma

They had ten pups, all with “Batman”-themed names.
Fighting Over Eggs

The “Batman” theme started with one, Joker, who seems to have a question mark on his back.
Joker and Sib

They had paper Easter eggs in their enclosure as enrichment.
Jumping the Ditch with an Egg

It was fun to watch them scamper about.
Jump the Ditch!

Just watching them wore the bat-eared fox out.
Bat Eared Fox

As we left the Africa area, we watched a cheetah take a bath.

We stopped by the nursery to see Zeke, a serval cub. He was about eleven weeks old when we saw him.
Baby Zeke

It was late in the day, so mostly, he wanted to groom himself…
Clean Paw

…and take a nap.
Napping With Plush Animals

We had to stop and say “hi” to Nubo and Renji, the snow leopards.
Smug Nubo

Our visit began as a lazy afternoon.

But Nubo saw something.
Crouching Leopard

He stalked towards it. I was confused, and fixated on the cats.

Renji joined him. Some idiot kids jumped a barrier, and went to a side of the enclosure not accessable to the public. Not cool!
What's Out There?

It did stir them up a bit.
Jumping Renji

Nubo jumped up on an off-camber…he handles them so much better than I do.
Off Camber

He’s such a handsome cat!
Nubo's Profile

On the way out, we saw a peacock, who wanted to show off.
Peacock Unfurled

It was fun to see all the cats, dogs, and babies!
Proud Dad, Overwhelmed Mom

Cincinnati Celtic Festival 2014   Leave a comment


My wife’s dance group, Celtic Rhythm Dancers USA, performed at the 2014 Cincinnati Celtic Festival.
Going Under

I kinda dig the new, colorful belts.
On Her Toes


Going Under 2

As always, they do a great performance!
Odd Number Jump

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2014 Cheetah Run at the Cincinnati Zoo   Leave a comment

Labor Day weekend brings the Cincinnati Zoo cheetah run. My wife did the 5K for the second year, this time with my daughter doing a good chunk of it with her.
Caitlin and Rebecca Run 1

I’m quite impressed with their running. I only run if something is chasing me (or I’m late for the bus).
Caitlin and Rebecca Run 2

After the run, we decided to walk around the zoo. Remember Gladys, the orphaned baby gorilla? She’s getting bigger.
Gladys and Friend

But she’s no longer the baby! Asha was born this year. I’m sure when she gets bigger, she’ll be a great playmate for Gladys.
Baby Asha

We stopped to say “hi” to Renji and Nubo. Renji was wondering what was with all the smelly(-er-than-usual) people.
Renji Wonders What's With All the Sweaty Humans

Nubo just set about making sure his paws were clean.
Cleaning the Toes

Inside, I got some good pictures of the black-footed cats. They were quite active that morning.
Pondering BFC

BFC Watching Me

Lounging BFC

The sand cat took a great leap!
Jumping Sand Cat

The caracal’s enclosure was quite fogged over that morning, creating a cloudy view. However, she just looked so cute, I had to take get the best shot I could of her.
Dreamy Miss Caracal

Dobby the pygmy owl saw us out.
Pygmy Owl

We had a great morning! The Cheetah Run is a wonderful fundraiser for one of the best zoos in the country!
Caitlin and Rebecca Run 3

Pelikan Hub Cincinnati   3 comments

Pelikan Hub Cincinnati

Pelikan, a German manufacturer of fountain pens, has been making a strong push in social media. Primarily, this has been on Facebook and Instagram. They really do seem committed to reaching out to their fans.

A couple months ago, they announced Pelikan Hubs, an in-real-life meet-up of Pelikan fans. The idea was that, on Friday, June 13, fans would meet up at a designated spot at 7:30 PM local time. There, they would talk about pens, post with the #PelikanHubs hashtag, and generally have a good time. At the initial announcement, they were determining where the Hubs would take place. I signed up, unsure if we’d have one in Cincinnati.

They sent a note out saying that Cincinnati was chosen–one of thirteen cities in the United States to host a Hub. A week later, I got an email–they needed a “Hub Master” to run the hub. The duties were fairly light: select a location, and distribute goodies sent by Pelikan. I made a mental note to talk to my wife about it, to confirm I could commit to that. Over the weekend, I had forgotten about it, but a second email came that Monday.

Perhaps I should have taken that as a bad sign.

Regardless, I agreed, and worked with Pelikan to select a location, and get the word out to the half-dozen Queen City citizens who signed up. I chose one of the larger Starbucks in town, near an Interstate exit, figuring it’d make it relatively convenient for the attendees. Packages and emails were exchanged with Germany. I found my pelican beanie baby to be our mascot (as well as a way to identify me in a crowd). We were set.

The freebies were some post cards, along with a “shiny green” notebook, meant to match their new “shiney green” M205 Duo fountain pen highlighter–I have the original yellow version. The notebook is actually quite nice–a leather-like cover on cork backing hold two spiral notebooks: one of plain paper; the other, graph. The paper is good for fountain pens, with mild show-through.
Shiney Green Notebook

Off to the HubI was good–I kept my notebook sealed until the Thirteenth. On that day, I drove to the Starbucks with the box of goodies and my pelican. I ordered a drink then set up at a table for six. The place was empty, save for a couple of Xavier University students.

Unfortunately, no one showed. I watched patrons as they came in, trying to decide if they were one of my Hub-folks. I generally figured if they weren’t wearing something that could hold pens, they weren’t it. However, after forty minutes, I gave up.

Other hubs seemed to go well, with dinners, give-aways, and other happenings. It was a bit of a bummer that my Hub at an attendance of one. Still, it was quite neat for Pelikan to reach out to their fans and try to connect them in this fashion.

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Bouncy Snow Leopard   Leave a comment

The Marvin Lewis Community Fund sponsored Learning is Cool. Cincinnati Public School students who were on the “A” honor role twice were invited to an evening at the zoo, and receive a medal, given by members of a local sports team. Once again, my daughter was on the “A” honor role four times. Of course we would go to the zoo!

John the lion has a new pal, Imani.
John and Hiding Imani

She’s pretty!

John must think so, too, as he’s trying to look his best.
John's Bath

They do make a cute couple.
John and Imani

Nearby cheetahs were looking like bookends. No runs were scheduled that evening.
Cheetah Bookends

Gizmo, an African white-faced owl, was out. We saw him before. He’s quite cute.

A red panda was in the tree, grooming.
Firefox Bath

One of the Malayan tigers was demonstrating his camouflage in the tall grass.
Tiger in the Grass

A cougar was relaxing in a less-than-camouflaged fashion.
Lazy Cougar

The highlight for me was Nubo and Renji.
Handsome Nubo

The snow leopard duo were bouncing off the walls!
Bouncing Off the Walls

Who says cheetahs are the only cats who can sprint.
Who Says Cheetahs are the Only Sprinters?

We got to see a baby flamingo.
Flamingo Baby

Later, they paraded by.
Flamingo Parade

Before we left, we said “hi” to Louisiana girl Sayia.

It was an enjoyable evening at the zoo.

Baby Giraffe!   4 comments

I took the day after TOSRV as PTO. My wife had the afternoon off, and after lunch, we decided to pop into the Cincinnati Zoo. It was very spontaneous–I didn’t have my DSLR, but I had my iPhone. The perfect camera is the one you have with you.

Why? Why to see Nasha, of course.
Pretty Nasha

Nasha is a baby giraffe born on April 28. Here she is with her mom, Tessa, and an “aunt.”
Nasha, her Mom, and an "Aunt"

Outside was her dad, Kimba.
Kimba, the Father

It was Nubo’s birthday, so we stopped over to wish him well.
Nubo Relaxes

Finally, on the way out, we saw Jack, a baby camel.
Baby Camel

All in all, it was a fun afternoon at the zoo.

Happy Birthday Nubo!   1 comment

My favorite zoo animal turns three!
Handsome Nubo

Seyia and Kilua at the Cincinnati Zoo   Leave a comment

The Cincinnati Zoo made a couple of announcements since my last visit, neither of which involved cats. It was, however, for two of my favorite non-felids animals. We had a gorgeous day, so I decided to go check it out.

The first was Seyia, a black rhino. She just moved here from the Baton Rouge Zoo. Like most Louisiana girls, she’s very cute*.
Seyia, the Black Rhino

I confess I haven’t watched too many rhinos interacting with people. This time, I was there when her keepers were having a session with her. It was clear that she had an interest–even a fondness–for her people. It was quite cute.
Sitting with Her Peeps

The keepers train the animals behaviors that will help them in the animal’s care. In this case, Seyia has learned how to present her foot for examination.
Put Your Right Foot In

She seems to really like watermelon.

The other new arrival was Kilua, a baby okapi. She was born on November 30.
Kilua and her Mom, Kuvua

She is a very active girl!
Okapi Trot!

The black bear was enjoying the sun.
Snoozin Bear

As was this penguin.
Penguin on the Rock

Of course I stopped by the cats! Techumseh the cougar was being active.
Techumseh on the Rocks

They fed the caracal while I was there. I remind myself that, in the wild, small birds are commonly their prey. Today, they gave her a chick. It wasn’t alive, but a bit odd to see. I’m not posting the picture here, but I did link to the picture.

Renji and Nubo, the snow leopards, were relaxed. Nubo did raise his head to say “hi.”
Nubo's stare

The tigers were even more relaxed, melting into a puddle. Not the tongue.
Tiger Puddle

*Louisiana girls are cute, but I do find myself partial to women from the Midwest. :)

Catnaps at the Cincinnati Zoo   Leave a comment

As I mentioned, until last week, I hadn’t been to a zoo since right around New Year’s Day. I had to look: it had been since late NovemberNOVEMBER–since I had been to my beloved Cincinnati Zoo.

The Polar Vortex really put a damper on our fun this year.

We made it out this weekend, to make sure we got to see Zoo Blooms. However, the blooms had come up yet.

The Polar Vortex really put a delay on our fun this year.

We did make a point of saying “hi” to the cats. Renji and Nubo were taking a nap, foreshadowing the day.
Snow Leopard Naps

Nubo did pick his head up to greet us. What a handsome boy!

Naps were the theme inside, whether you were a fishing cat…
Dreams of Sushi

…sand cat…
Sand Cat Ball

…or ocelot.

The fennec fox was even catching a few Z’s.
All Ears

Even the animals that were awake were mellow. I’ve never seen a black footed cat on top of this log before this visit. It’s tinyness was obvious.
Cat on a Log

The caracal, another favorite of mine, was taking a bath. Her camouflage is…um…obvious.
Miss Lop-Ears Takes a Bath

Outside, cougar Tecumseh was also napping.
Snoozing Puma

His brother, Joseph, saw something and made ready.
Crouching Puma

He gave chase, only to have his prey, a squirrel, run outside the fence.
Stalking Puma

Better luck next time!

A Walk in the Snow   1 comment

It has been an uncharacteristically cold and snowy winter in Cincinnati. I saw today that 2013-2014 has entered the top five snowiest winters since the late 1890s. I’ve managed to squeeze in some rides, but it’s been a lot of time at the gym. It’s meant wearing a lot of clothes and boots and gloves. Truthfully, I haven’t felt like doing much (as you may have noticed from the blog posts).

I realized just how bad I had gotten after an anti-snow rant on twitter, and an afternoon feeling sorry for myself. I realized I needed to get outside. I took a walk at Alms Park, to check out the new layer of snow that fell the previous day.

Snow that has hung around for a week (or even a day or two) takes on a level of nastiness–a semi-melted pile of ice that clings on to car exhaust. However, with three or so inches the previous day, I was one of the few people to tread this ground. It was somewhat lovely.
Branch Arch

I walked up the the remains of a building on the hiking trail, and touched the snow. I felt the firmness of the pile on top of the wall, surprised at how much snow was there.
Stone Relics

I started to regret not bringing my GorillaPod, to take a self-portrait. I briefly considered trying to improvise, but decided I didn’t want to disturb the snow for the next hiker. My shadow, then, represented me.
Shadow Portrait

I walked past the river overlook, and saw the field of untouched snow. I made a point to stay in the tracks of the other hikers, as I didn’t want to be the one to mess it up.
River Overlook, Pristine Snow

I snaked up the trail to the loop around Alms Park, and saw the lonely statue of Stephen Foster.
Stephen Foster, in the Snow

I continued the loop past park buildings then back home. While I can’t say I like the snow any better, my attitude was improved by the time outside.

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