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Local Boy Does Good   1 comment

Remember these boys?
Where's the Fish?

These fishing cat cubs were born in Cincinnati in 2009. They haven’t been on exhibit since last summer. I had assumed they were destined to tell the story of their species at other zoos.

All indications are, I was right. The National Zoo recently got Lek, a 1-year-old male fishing cat…from Cincinnati. It’s a safe bet he’s one of those cubs. There is a 6-year-old female, Electra, there they hope he will take a shine to, and have more of these elusive cats.

Next time I’m in DC, I’ll have to swing by and say “Hi.”

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Our Hearts Are Wrong   1 comment

I was watching Letterman the other night, when Jessica Lea Mayfield performed. I was quite captivated by her performance.

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Miami Merger Valentine 2011   Leave a comment

My wife and I both graduated from Miami University*. Miami is said to have one of the highest instances of alumni marrying. To celebrate this, they send us “Miami Mergers” a Valentine’s Day card each year. We got ours a few days ago…
2011 Miami Merger Valentine

*For the original school named “Miami,” founded in 1809, I feel no need to specify which state it is in.

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Saint Patrick’s Day Dance   Leave a comment

For the Fine Arts Fund Sampler Weekend, my wife’s dance group, Celtic Rhythm Dancers USA, did a small class and performance. This was at the new Irish Heritage Center. They capped this off with a performance of the St. Patrick’s Day, a traditional hard shoe dance.

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Fun Ink Day 2011   Leave a comment

Fun Ink Collection
Last year was the first ever fun ink day. I now invite one and all to participate in

FUN INK DAY 2011!!!

On this day, I encourage everyone–whether you have an interest in pens or not–to use a fun ink.

Too often, we fall to the standard, business-ready inks: blue or black ink. I’m saying that for one day, I encourage everyone to use an ink other than blue or black:

  • Green Ink
  • Red Ink
  • Purple Ink
  • Turquoise Ink
  • Invisible Ink
  • Orange Ink
  • Yellow Ink

In order to bring a bit more color, I’m encouraging everyone to use a color other than blue or black in their pens on

Friday, February 25

If you are feeling particularly ambitious, you can post a picture to your blog, or talk about it as part of #dailyarsenal on Twitter. You can also tweet with the hashtag #funinkday2011

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On Piracy   1 comment

Author Neil Gaiman on piracy and its impacts on his sales. Basically: it’s just lending books, and a net gain for him.

Via Boing Boing.

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Heart Cookies for my Daughter   1 comment

I made Valentine’s Day cookies for my daughter’s class.
Heart Cookies
I like to think I’m a good dad. Unfortunately, in life, so it is in cookies: hearts are inevitably broken.
Some Hearts are Broken

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Pounce   Leave a comment

One of Eddy’s favorite toys is “Birdy,” a feather target-on-a-line. He’ll jump and pounce aft it. Quite amusing–and good for him to keep his barn cat skills honed. Here is my first attempt to capture the action.

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16.41 Miles–First Ride in NKY in 2011   Leave a comment

35 degrees.

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Balls of Six-Year-Olds   Leave a comment

Balls of Six-Year-Olds

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