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Friday Afternoon Dance Party: Good Feeling   1 comment

It’s a high school dance. Not a particularly special one–just a random weekend night sometime between homecoming and prom. The debate team needed to raise funds, so they hired a DJ, charge five bucks at the door, and another dollar for a dixie cup of warm, flat coke from a two-liter.

You were at a school event earlier, and came with a couple of friends. You’re dancing in a group with a few other people, some vague notion of partners present. Some are established couples; you’re dancing with a girl you kinda know because you sit kinda near her in Civics. As near as you can remember, that’s the only class you have ever had in common.

After two or three dances, some sense of chemistry is there. Not quite sure if it’s the music, the night, exposure to aforementioned established couples or simply being a teenager. So, when the music shifts to a slow song to end the night, dancing closely with her doesn’t seem anything but the thing to do.

The whole group will walk out to the parking lot together, chat for a bit, and split off. Monday morning will come, and you’ll go back to being somewhat aware of her in Civics class. Until then, it will seem magical to you, and you’ll choose to believe it was mutual.

Not exactly autobiographical.

Pallas Kitten   2 comments

The Cincinnati Zoo just had a pallas cat triplets! I know there is a following of pallas cats among my followers.

The Cincinnati Zoo is a leader among small cat conservation, research, and breading. These youngsters are the result of a new artificial insemination procedure that allows for less material to be used–especially useful for small cats. More information about this research can be found in this post.

Friday Afternoon Dance Party: Mayhem   Leave a comment

(or Saturday Morning Dance Party, as the case may be. Sorry I’m late.)

WNKU is as bad for my iTunes budget as Coverville.

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Sunshine on a Stick   Leave a comment

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Friday Afternoon Dance Party: Message in a Bottle   Leave a comment

I tweeked the sig on my iPad to read “Message sent via a bottle thrown into the ocean. It seems I’m not alone in being alone.” This is inspired by the Police’s “Message in a Bottle.”

I’m a fan of the Coverville podcast. Brian Ibott, the host, does a great job of presenting interesting takes on well known songs. He’s also cost me a bunch at iTunes, either downloading the music he plays, forgotten gems the music is based on, or new artists I’m introduced to. I highly recommend it.

It is through this podcast I was introduced to Matisyahu. You can feel the reggae roots in his performance, as well as weaving in a bit of rap.

He does another song, “Time of Your Song,” after “Message in a Bottle” that I wasn’t as familiar with.

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Trailer Bike   Leave a comment

The first ride of my fourties was the B&O Trail ride, around Brownsburg, Indiana. This was also the first big group ride my daughter got to pedal…though on a trailer bike.

She did quite well, at one point telling my father-in-law, “I keep telling him to go faster, but he doesn’t always listen.”

Me and Caits on a bike
Photo by my father-in-law, who made me look quite good on a bike.

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13 miles. Family at the Food Stop #botrailride   Leave a comment

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Fluff Chicks   Leave a comment

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I Have a Cool Coworker   1 comment

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Friday Afternoon Dance Party: Birthday   2 comments

Today I turn fourty. So, I decided to pick a birthday song.

Not a fan of the Beatles. They are OK, I suppose, but tremendously overrated.

On the other hand, I dig the Sugarcubes.

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