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I have been asked on various occasions to contribute writings and photographs to other blogs and organizations. Below is my portfolio of the more significant contributions.

Contributions to the blog of the International Society for Endangered Cats (oldest first):

Four of my photos were also used in ISEC’s 2013 Small Cat Calendar.

In March, 2012, the Cat in Water project asked for a contribution regarding fishing cats. I am quite touched that they posted it under the title, “A True Friend of the Fishing Cat.”

Sharp BFCGrist, an environmental news site, used one of my photos in Sarah Laskow’s story “Surrogate-mom housecat gives birth to endangered kitten,” to illustrate a what a fully grown black-footed cat looks like. The story went up on March 14, 2012, and described work done by the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, Louisiana, to protect this engendered species through artificial insemination and cross-species surrogacy.

My picture of Sarah, the Cincinnati Zoo’s record-breaking cheetah, was used in an article on Wired‘s blog.

Rhodia Drive, a blog about Rhodia pads and notebooks, used a photo and quote from me in a post titled “Mr Guilt’s Unlimited Zoo Notebook.” This was about how I use one of Rhodia’s notebooks to assist in cataloging the photos I take. I’m a big fan of the orange pads.

My friends at Cooking with Caitlin mentioned my pizza dough recipe on their radio show. Check it out! (Listen starting around 31:28) Quite flattering!

Forbes magazine used a photo I took in their post “Return Free Tax Filing? Sure, With an Insanity Free Tax Code.”

Popular Science used my picture of a sand cat in their article “5 Great Wild Cats Apple Could Have Chosen for 10.9.”

Buzzfeed used one of my fennec fox pictures in their post, “10 Animals That Will Always Be Fun-Sized”

I submitted a profile to the Cincinnati Metro‘s November, 2013, newsletter.

Posted 2012-03-10 by Mr. Guilt

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