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May Hodge Podge   2 comments

For a few days in May, I was sick, hence the lack of posts during that first weekend and following week.

Fun Pen Day

I got a tweet that really made me happy–I feel like an advocate rather than just a dude with a camera and a computer, annoying his friends by rambling on about cats. Thank you–it’s nice to have moments when you can see yourself as the person you want to be.


Bike Month 2012

Taking one pencil per area at IKEA, how many come home?
IKEA Pencils

Still perfecting coconut macaroons…

Me, in Cajun Cyclist Jersey

For my daughter’s birthday, I made my daughter brownies, with a buttercream decoration. One of the other kids asked if I could make their birthday treat. I didn’t, but made a batch for their end-of-school party.
May Brownies

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Art for All: Cincinnati Zoo   Leave a comment

Anna Sinton Taft by Raimundo de Madrazo Gretta. ms. Taft purchased the Cincinnati Zoo in 1916, keeping it open. Part of the Taft Museum’s Art for All program.

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#horseyhundred 25.89 miles: Baby Horses   Leave a comment

#horseyhundred 25.63 miles: Pretty Road   Leave a comment

#horseyhundred day 2, 0 miles: View from the Cockpit   1 comment

Getting started before the heat.

#Horseyhundred Saturday Morning Start (0 miles)   Leave a comment

One video I shot from the ride: a trumpeter from Keenland giving us a send-off


#HorseyHundred 50 miles: Stone Wall   Leave a comment

There have been many pretty stone walls. Some are vintage (as I suspect this on), and described as Scottish Style.

#HorseyHundred 39.75 miles: Obligatory Horse Photo   Leave a comment

#HorseyHundred 34.61 miles: WinStar Farms   Leave a comment

Amazing grounds!

#HorseyHundred 16.49 miles: Hey   Leave a comment

This really is a pretty ride.

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