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Father’s Day Mug   Leave a comment

I got a belated Father’s Day present yesterday. It had to come out of the kilm. My daughter made me the most excellent mug. I think she knows I like the shape, and my favorite color is orange. On it, she put my name (or at least title):
Father's Day Mug--Dad

On one side, she had a representation of Eddy, our little white cat (with a racoon tail):
Father's Day Mug--Eddy

What has Eddy’s interest? A silly little wall lizard:
Father's Day Mug--Silly Wall Lizard

Aren’t I a lucky Dad?

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Urban Deer   Leave a comment

Across the street from my house as I walked to the bus stop.

Posted 2010-06-22 by Mr. Guilt in animals, house

Where the Magic Happens   Leave a comment

This is my desk. The screens, from left to right:

  • My iPad, with an Apple BlueTooth wireless keyboard. This is my ultra-portable setup.
  • My beloved MacBook, named Oxcart
  • An ancient Sony CRT, used as a second display for Oxcart

This, of course, excludes my NAS, various systems scattered throughout the house, and any virtual machines I have running. At some point, I may do a post inspired by The Setup.

Where the Magic Happens

Posted 2010-06-20 by Mr. Guilt in computers, Geeky, house

Crowning the Queen   1 comment

Installing the top of Queen City Square.

Posted 2010-06-17 by Mr. Guilt in Cincinnati

36.45 miles, Muddy Habby   Leave a comment

I keep telling myself that Ti (and carbon) don’t care. It’s very Paris- Roubiax chic!

Posted 2010-06-13 by Mr. Guilt in Cycling, Route Tracking

21.42 Miles, Not Going Any Further   Leave a comment

A downed power line cuts the long route of Ride Cincinnati short. :(

Posted 2010-06-13 by Mr. Guilt in Cycling, Route Tracking

The Cone   Leave a comment

Posted 2010-06-12 by Mr. Guilt in Cincinnati

Celtic Rhythm Dancers at Summer Fair   Leave a comment

My wife’s dance group, Celtic Rhythm Dancers, performed at Cincinnati’s annual Summer Fair today.

Click through to see the full picture.

Posted 2010-06-06 by Mr. Guilt in Celtic Rhythm Dancers

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