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July Hodge-Podge   Leave a comment

Includes Happiness

Spent a Saturday morning pretending to write in the French Quarter. It was a place that seemed cooler than Cincinnati the first couple of weeks in July this year.
Pretending to be in NOLA

Via my wife

I updated my “About” page this month.

Lemon Pie

Waiting for the bus to rack’n’ride.
Bell on the Bike

Remember: Spay or Neuter your cables.
Fix Your Cables

To clarify a daily arsenal post from a few weeks ago: the Tide-to-Go was due to a bicycle, not a fountain pen.
Tide Pen

At my office, one person is responsible for taking a daily seat count–a way to determine how much of our office space is utilized. She said that she doesn’t going back to my cube (which is a bit off the beaten path), as I’m there so consistently. This means I really need a vacation!

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Over the Rhine Photo Walk   Leave a comment

I participated in a photo walk in Over the Rhine (OTR) this morning. There were about twenty people participating. OTR is one of the older neighborhoods in Cincinnati (though not the oldest), and is undergoing revitalization. One of the major aspects has been a total renovation of Washington Park.
Washington Park, South Gate


Flower Bokeh

Receding Fence Rail

This bandstand was built in 1911, replacing one that was erected during the Civil War.
Washington Park Bandstand

Washington Park, North Gate

Across the street was an abandoned old church.
Deutsche Protestantische St. Johannes Kirche Kirche

At the top, a plant was growing.
St. Johannes Kirche Kirche Tower

Next door was Music Hall, home of the Cincinnati Symphony.

Music Hall, Light Through Clouds

We left Washington Park and walked through OTR.
Rod-Iron Lined Walk


This bike rack was in two parts, which made the shape of the state of Ohio.
Ohio Bike Rack

I was drawn to the colors, rod iron and stained glass on the buildings.
The Columbia

Tree on Main

Lackman Stained Glass

Colorful Window

Face in the Piller

Receding Bay Windows

Mardi Gras Trim

Ally Gate


Casse Frocks Stained Glass

Rod Iron Ornament

It was a very interesting walk in an area of town I don’t often go. The times I have been in OTR, I’ve been more concerned with where I was going to look at the details.

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Art for All: 12th and Jackson   2 comments

Art for All: 12th and Jackson
The Cobbler’s Apprentice, 1877, Frank Duveneck

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Art for All: Music Hall   Leave a comment

At the Piano, circa 1858, James Abbott McNeill Whistler

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Let Down by the App Store   Leave a comment

My main system is a “Late 2008” MacBook. It is the one model that was called just a “MacBook” and made of aluminum (later 13″ models made of this material were called “MacBook Pro”). It is the last model that is officially capable of running the latest version of the Macintosh OS, 10.8, otherwise known as Mountain Lion. It was released Wednesday.

While it technically could run it, my machine did so “not well.” It was very slow. I saw the beach ball more all too often. While I might have been able to browse the web, I would have been frustrated to do much more. I decided to fall back to 10.6, Snow Leopard.

This pleases me, as I like snow leopards more than mountain lions. Still, I like mountain lions better than lions. Proposal for 10.9: fishing cat.

When it comes to something like loading an operating system, I have no fear. Windows, UNIX (which OS X is a official version of), LINUX–I’ve done them all and more. It’s simply a matter of getting your disks, and going to it. I started backing up what I needed to back up.

Then something occurred to me–one of the key applications I use might be an issue. The programming I use for storing, organizing, and editing photographs, Aperture, was purchased through the Mac App store. This meant I had no disks. The App Store will allow you to re-download a purchase, except it only the most recent version. The problem for me is that the current version, 3.3 is not compatible with OS X 10.6–I needed version 3.2.

Before buying software through app stores, this wasn’t a huge deal. You would likely have the disks sitting on a shelf. For example, I have a CD with a 32-bit version of Word 6–I could see the Parker Duofold on the splash screen. Or perhaps the original install file stored on a backup. However, my only choice to reinstall was download from the App Store. But, if they don’t have the version I want?

Ultimately, I figured out how to get the data I needed, using some of the backups I took. In parallel, I had a support request in to Apple.

However, this is a major risk. As much as vendors would like us to be on the latest operating system, there are reasons people won’t. In my case, I’m not ready to upgrade my laptop. In other cases, it is an application that limits this ability. In the world of App Stores and cloud-based software distribution, how does one get an older copy of software to keep a machine working?

Pen Nostalgia: Pilot BP-S   2 comments

Pilot BP-SPilot Pens have started a Power to the Pen program. Basically, it is their social media initiative. It’s taking many forms–a Pinterest board, a twitter hashtag (#powerto thepen), and a hashtag on Instagram (though I can’t quite figure out how to link to it).

One of their ideas is to have a blogger do a “pen and ink” blog post. I believe their intent is to discuss their newer pens (the G2, B2P, etc.). However, I have a stronger tie to one of their other pens, the “Better Ballpoint.” I pulled out my Webbie, and wrote about how I used this pen through high school.

I also typed it, as my handwriting might not be the most legible the scan may be iffy.

Does this explain my fascination with pens? Not entirely. However, it is a bit of nostalgia from when I was younger. I won’t say it was a universal experience–just a thing we did.

Pilot BP-S, Page One

Pilot BP-S, Page Two

Updated ITIL Certification!   Leave a comment

As I mentioned previously, I was taking training to update my ITIL Foundations Certification to the 2011 Edition. At the end of the course, there was the official certification exam–I needed 65% (26 out of 40 questions) correct.

I passed! 88%, which is not too shabby, if I do say so myself!

…now, off to update my resume!

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Art for All: Milford’s Riverside Park   Leave a comment

Art for All: Milford's Riverside Park

Sailboats on a River with Fishermen Setting Out a Net, circa 1657, Jeronimus van Diest

via Flickr

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Baby Cheetah! (And More Snow Leopards!)   2 comments

We had to go to the zoo today. On June 22, a baby cheetah was born. Often, female cheetahs who give birth to single cubs are unable to take care of the cub (can’t produce enough milk). So, they took this little girl, Savanna to the nursery to be hand raised. She was asleep, in a spot in the back of the room, behind a baby gate. Getting a photo was very tricky–this is the best I could do.
Dozing Behind Gates

Two Malayan tigers were hanging out. One was alert; the other, goofy.
Alert and Goofy
I think “goofy” was having dreams about chicken…
Dreaming of Chicken
…and in severe need of a belly rub.
Tiger Belly

Elsewhere in Cat Canyon, Renji the snow leopard was getting up from a nap.
Wrapped in her Tail
You may remember that we saw Renji as a cub in Chattanooga. Somehow, I always seem to catch her mid-yawn.
Renji Yawns
Nubo, her new pal, was waking up, too. Isn’t he handsome?
Handsome Nubo
Snow Leopard Stretch
Renji really is a pretty cat!
Sitting Renji

Dancing Sue   Leave a comment

Tweet from the Field Museum‘s @SUEtheTrex: “I’m (ugh) squeezing into this leotard (grunt) and (ugh) tutu for Edgar Degas’ birthday. OK, let’s do this, Edgar. PAINT ME AS A BALLERINA!” (July 19)

I drew this in reply, which was retweeted:

Sue is the most complete tyrannosaurus rex skeleton on display, and the mascot of the Field Museum. Her twitter feed is full of interesting facts, and rather amusing. I’m honored to have been retweeted.

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