Pen Nostalgia: Pilot BP-S   2 comments

Pilot BP-SPilot Pens have started a Power to the Pen program. Basically, it is their social media initiative. It’s taking many forms–a Pinterest board, a twitter hashtag (#powerto thepen), and a hashtag on Instagram (though I can’t quite figure out how to link to it).

One of their ideas is to have a blogger do a “pen and ink” blog post. I believe their intent is to discuss their newer pens (the G2, B2P, etc.). However, I have a stronger tie to one of their other pens, the “Better Ballpoint.” I pulled out my Webbie, and wrote about how I used this pen through high school.

I also typed it, as my handwriting might not be the most legible the scan may be iffy.

Does this explain my fascination with pens? Not entirely. However, it is a bit of nostalgia from when I was younger. I won’t say it was a universal experience–just a thing we did.

Pilot BP-S, Page One

Pilot BP-S, Page Two


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