Baby Cheetah! (And More Snow Leopards!)   2 comments

We had to go to the zoo today. On June 22, a baby cheetah was born. Often, female cheetahs who give birth to single cubs are unable to take care of the cub (can’t produce enough milk). So, they took this little girl, Savanna to the nursery to be hand raised. She was asleep, in a spot in the back of the room, behind a baby gate. Getting a photo was very tricky–this is the best I could do.
Dozing Behind Gates

Two Malayan tigers were hanging out. One was alert; the other, goofy.
Alert and Goofy
I think “goofy” was having dreams about chicken…
Dreaming of Chicken
…and in severe need of a belly rub.
Tiger Belly

Elsewhere in Cat Canyon, Renji the snow leopard was getting up from a nap.
Wrapped in her Tail
You may remember that we saw Renji as a cub in Chattanooga. Somehow, I always seem to catch her mid-yawn.
Renji Yawns
Nubo, her new pal, was waking up, too. Isn’t he handsome?
Handsome Nubo
Snow Leopard Stretch
Renji really is a pretty cat!
Sitting Renji


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  1. Wow! You got a great pic of the baby cheetah! I saw the announcement somewhere else on the news ( I just got back from vacation) and I just knew you would be getting there to see her as soon as you could! Excellent snow leopard pics, too! And tiges of course! From another comment…yes, I was trying to list my favorite animals to someone this week. It wasn’t possible! :) There were too many!

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