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When Luna is on your lap, coffee refills are only at her discretion.
No more coffee until Luna says it's OK. #cats #catsofinstagram #housepanther #foodcatspens


“OMG! The door is open and I saw a lizard and there was a breeze, and I saw another lizard, and OMG THE DOOR IS OPEN!”
"The door is open and I saw a lizard and there is a breeze and I saw another lizard AND THE DOOR IS OPEN!!!" #cats #catsofinstagram #foodcatspens

Beso is a big cat.
"OMG THE DOOR IS OPEN!" #cats #catsofinstagram #foodcatspens

I love my bike, espeically when we make it onto the porch an instant before the rain hits.
I love my #bike.

Drink Like a Fishing Cat!
Drinking like a #fishingcat

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(Pecan) Pi Day
Why I Ride: pecan pie with @buonaterra_gelato caramel gelato #foodcatspens #food

New Glasses
New reading glasses–what do y'all think? #selfie

Beso and his girl play on her iPad
Beso and his girl play Geometry Dash #cats #catsofinstagram #foodcatspens

Cake Time! #food #baking #foodcatspens

People tend to leave monitors on at my office. I suggested they do something about it. They did.
Wow! I entered a suggestion in the employee initiative inbox, and they did it! #green

Oops! Better late than never!

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We had a unicorn chorus singing "Space Unicorn," then, out of nowhere, DRAGON PHOTOBOMB!!!!1!1! #puppets

Supplies for a cold Saturday Morning:
Gear for the morning: MacBook, John Holland, @lamyusapens, and @parkerpens #foodcatspens, @retro1951 Tornado, @leuchtturm1917 journal, Noodler's ink, and Steam Whistle Press Stationary. Oh–and coffee #foodcatspens

Fist Paw Bump!
Paw Bump #cats #catsofinstagram #foodcatspens

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Thing I learned: Parker-style refills, which I previously noted their ubiquity, is actually an International Standard Organization (ISO) standard: ISO 12757. Going down this wormhole, I also found a very handy guide to pen refills.

At Claire’s, doing the father-of-a-daughter thing. She’s patient with me at bike and office supply stores*, so it’s only fair.
Doing the father-of-a-daughter thing.

I guess I'm a #cat bed now. #catsofinstagram #foodcatspens

I was here.

Shuttle Gate

*Actually, my daughter is an office supply geek herself. She’s usually quite happy to go with me.

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Chill in' with my boys #cat #catsofinstagram #foodcatspens

What happens when you ask friends, family, and complete strangers their passwords? You learn about them! “The Secret Life of Passwords” “Keepsake passwords, he suggested, ritualize a daily encounter with personal memories that often have no place else to be recalled.” For a long time, I had passwords that were an allusion to Maggie.

How can you not put all your eggs in this?
How can you not put all your eggs in it?


The Gift of Luna!
The gift of Luna #cats #catsofinstagram #foodcatspens

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October, 2014 Hodge-Podge   3 comments

Rainbow Over Mount Adams cincinnati

Taco Monster!
Taco Monster

The sad time of year when indoor cycling becomes more common. Gotta do it to stay fit.
Lik your ass now or get it kicked Sunday. #IWBMATTKYT #ovcx @thesufferfest

Beso still loves the Cat Crib!
A boy in his hammock. #cats #catsofinstagram #foodcatspens

Why do I love cyclocross? It doesn’t take itself too seriously.
#cx cheetah #StormEvaBandman #ovcx

Where’s our gelato?!?
Waiting for #cincygelato

Rainbow Over #ovcx

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Gathering around the watering hole.
Gathering Around the Water Hole #cats #catsofinstagram #foodcatspens

I hear the one on the right has a bad motivator.
The one on the right has a bad motivator I hear.

Explaining to my daughter how line-of-site works, and bouncing signals off the Moon.
Trying to explain bouncing radio signals off the moon to my daughter.

Luna is a very patient cat.
Caitlin and (a Very Patient) Luna

Great capture by Rick Jordon at the Ceaser’s Ford CX of me working hard and having fun.

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I’ve been a bad blogger this month. I have a lot of pictures to sort through from our summer trip, plus I missed a few anniversaries. Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch up next month. The hodge-podge is going up as usual, however.

In Philly, we really liked The Franklin Fountain an old-school ice cream parlor.
Yummy…though still not Blue Bell. #foodcatspens

What the duck?

Best still hasn’t mastered this whole “hiding” thing.
Hiding: You're Doing It Wrong #cat #catsofinstagram #foodcatspens

A Couchlandian philosophy, rush, @thesufferfest?

I started doing cyclocross.
First KingsCXTT

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Writing my daughter at camp. #foodcatspens

I didn’t know Eddy had a bike shop. Think he can get me a deal?
My barn #cat owns a bike store? Can he get me a desk on a CX bike?

Neighborhood recipe exchange
Neighborhood Recipe Exchange. Check it out, @cookingwcaitlin

Beso lays on the floor.
Beso lies on the floor (some assembly required) #cat #catsofinstagram #foodcatspens #IKEA

Biked to work, realized a packed incorrectly.
#bikecommute problems: realizing you packed two different socks.

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My whole family did Ride Cincinnati!
62 miles at @Ride_Cincinnati, the last 10 with my favorite team #WeNeedJerseys #selfie #cycling

Lunchtime writing.
Lunch break with @eatfusian, @retro1951, and @LT1917NYC. #foodcatspens #mechanicalpencil

On a ride, we came across a turtle, which we held across the road. Of course, not before taking a #shellfie.
45 miles Helping a turtle. #shelltie

Map of my Buckeye Bridge Ride.

Hard to believe they are littermates.
Birdwatchers. Hard to believe they're littermates. #cats #catsofinstagram #foodcatspens

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