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Friday Afternoon Dance Party: Peponi   Leave a comment

You don’t even have to wonder how they got the piano there!

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Friday Afternoon Dance Party: Beyond the Veil   Leave a comment

From Lindsey Stirling‘s upcoming album. It’s like the cover to Tales from topographic Oceans in video form.

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Wednesday Morning Dance Party: Hadfield Across the Universe   Leave a comment

I’m generally not a fan of Christmas Music. Or the Beatles. But if one man can bring enough awesome for me to dig a merger of the two, it’s Commander Chris Hadfield.

Posted 2013-12-11 by Mr. Guilt in Music

Saturday Morning Dance Party: She Got the Way to Move Me!   Leave a comment

I’ve been on a Neil Diamond kick lately.

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Tuesday Morning Dance Party: King of Kings   Leave a comment

While working on the photo of John for my Cheetah Run post, there was an old ska tune that kept going through my head.

(for the record, I regard Nubo as the King of the Zoo)

Dayton Celtic Festival   1 comment

Last weekend, we went up to Dayton for the Dayton Celtic Festival. Our main purpose was to see Gaelic Storm, our favorite band. You’ve seen them play. It is held at Riverscape Metropark, where they have a great statue honoring the Wright Brothers, with Wilber in flight…
Wright Flyer Statue

…and Orville on the ground (with a helper).
Caitlin and Orville

We did enjoy hearing Gaelic Storm, though we didn’t have the best view. Still, it was a fun time.
Gaelic Storm

Posted 2013-07-30 by Mr. Guilt in Music, Ohio

Space Oddity   3 comments

Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield has been commanding the International Space Station since December 12, due back on Earth on May 13. Through his posts that include science, tours of the station, and music, he has educate the world about life on space. I especially like that he has been involved in not only STEM education, but promoting arts education as well. One of his parting videos was a cover of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity,” which I think exceeds the original.

Commander Hadfield, you are my favorite astronaut.

Posted 2013-05-13 by Mr. Guilt in Aircraft, Music

South Side of the Sky   Leave a comment

It was eleven degrees this morning when I walked across downtown to the data center. This is what I played.

Posted 2013-02-01 by Mr. Guilt in Music

Transcendence Street Jam   1 comment

I’ve been following violinist Lindsey Stirling for about a year now. She seems to be gaining notoriety via YouTube videos (as opposed to the traditional system)–an Internet win! Her latest video was a spontaneous street performance.

Posted 2012-11-24 by Mr. Guilt in Music

Singing on Fountain Square #2012wcg   Leave a comment

Walking through Fountain Square on my way to lunch, there was a children’s choir singing. I wasn’t sure who they are, but having encounters like this is what makes having the World Choir Games in Cincinnati seem magical.

Posted 2012-07-12 by Mr. Guilt in Cincinnati, Music

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