Friday Afternoon Dance Party: Message in a Bottle   Leave a comment

I tweeked the sig on my iPad to read “Message sent via a bottle thrown into the ocean. It seems I’m not alone in being alone.” This is inspired by the Police’s “Message in a Bottle.”

I’m a fan of the Coverville podcast. Brian Ibott, the host, does a great job of presenting interesting takes on well known songs. He’s also cost me a bunch at iTunes, either downloading the music he plays, forgotten gems the music is based on, or new artists I’m introduced to. I highly recommend it.

It is through this podcast I was introduced to Matisyahu. You can feel the reggae roots in his performance, as well as weaving in a bit of rap.

He does another song, “Time of Your Song,” after “Message in a Bottle” that I wasn’t as familiar with.

Posted 2011-06-10 by Mr. Guilt in Friday Afternoon Dance Party, Music

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