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The Cincinnati Zoo just had a pallas cat triplets! I know there is a following of pallas cats among my followers.

The Cincinnati Zoo is a leader among small cat conservation, research, and breading. These youngsters are the result of a new artificial insemination procedure that allows for less material to be used–especially useful for small cats. More information about this research can be found in this post.


2 responses to “Pallas Kitten

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  1. other than the fact that they look like non-naked mole rats, I WANT THEM! So cute when they were foofy & sleeping on mom and the top one rolled & stretched!

    I was thinking of you a couple days ago: The San Diego Wild Animal Park (now the SD Safari Park) is about to add a Cheetah run exhibit. If I get the hang of the, fancy, camera & lens I’ll be heading down there for a day or two (despite what will be ungodly heat)

    • I saw that they were starting that. If you get a chance to go, I encourage it. Seeing a wild animal do what they were built to do is an incredible thing. Watch for the “floating phase” during the run, when all four feet are off the ground. Cheetahs don’t just run–they fly!

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