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It has been an uncharacteristically cold and snowy winter in Cincinnati. I saw today that 2013-2014 has entered the top five snowiest winters since the late 1890s. I’ve managed to squeeze in some rides, but it’s been a lot of time at the gym. It’s meant wearing a lot of clothes and boots and gloves. Truthfully, I haven’t felt like doing much (as you may have noticed from the blog posts).

I realized just how bad I had gotten after an anti-snow rant on twitter, and an afternoon feeling sorry for myself. I realized I needed to get outside. I took a walk at Alms Park, to check out the new layer of snow that fell the previous day.

Snow that has hung around for a week (or even a day or two) takes on a level of nastiness–a semi-melted pile of ice that clings on to car exhaust. However, with three or so inches the previous day, I was one of the few people to tread this ground. It was somewhat lovely.
Branch Arch

I walked up the the remains of a building on the hiking trail, and touched the snow. I felt the firmness of the pile on top of the wall, surprised at how much snow was there.
Stone Relics

I started to regret not bringing my GorillaPod, to take a self-portrait. I briefly considered trying to improvise, but decided I didn’t want to disturb the snow for the next hiker. My shadow, then, represented me.
Shadow Portrait

I walked past the river overlook, and saw the field of untouched snow. I made a point to stay in the tracks of the other hikers, as I didn’t want to be the one to mess it up.
River Overlook, Pristine Snow

I snaked up the trail to the loop around Alms Park, and saw the lonely statue of Stephen Foster.
Stephen Foster, in the Snow

I continued the loop past park buildings then back home. While I can’t say I like the snow any better, my attitude was improved by the time outside.

Posted 2014-02-16 by Mr. Guilt in Cincinnati

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  1. I just learned about that Stephen Foster statue two weeks ago. It’s my plan to hike over there and check it out, but I’ll probably wait until the spring.

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