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The Marvin Lewis Community Fund sponsored Learning is Cool. Cincinnati Public School students who were on the “A” honor role twice were invited to an evening at the zoo, and receive a medal, given by members of a local sports team. My daughter met the criterial–great kid!

The Galápagos tortoises were starting to doze off.
Galápagos tortoise Naptime

A keeper had a white throated monitor named Ollie out meeting the kids. He was pretty cool. It’s not every day you see a three foot reptile on a leash.
Ollie the White Throated Monitor

The lorikeets were very colorful…
Colorful Lorikeets
…though one of them must have been spending too much time with the bats.
Been Hanging Out with the Bats...

I got to see some of the zoo babies. A couple of wallaby joeys were napping in a pouch.
Wallaby Joeys

Bat-eared foxes don’t need a pouch.
Baby Bat-Eared Fox

Watching the clouded leopard made me start to mentally plot a run to Nashville for the weekend.
Lickin' Leopard

The black-footed cats were wrestling. Perhaps it was because they were taunting each other.
Taunting BFCs

Amusing to watch them.

Miss Fishing Cat stayed up high, napping, occasionally staring at us.
Fishing Cat Stare

While the caracal posed proudly.
Proud Caracal

I got a good profile of her. You can see the muscular frame but short tail of this cat.
Caracal Profile

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