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May, 2013 Hodge-Podge   2 comments

At Pipkin’s Market, they have their garden area set up. They had a very clever way to bound their flower beds.
Wine bottle fencing

More places need signs like this:
This sign needs to be more places. #win

For supper, my daughter had a grilled cheese sandwich, two mini bell peppers, some strawberries, and some toasted pecans. I think I made a simple meal special.
Went a bit overboard plating my daughter's supper (grilled cheeee, mini bell peppers, strawberries, toasted pecans) #food

A clean bike is a happy bike.
Bike cleaning

Beso, looking handsome on the steps.
Beso on the Stairs

I keep a bag full of the various cables my mobile devices use (along with external batteries with USB ports, a spare pair of headphones, and a kickstand). My coworkers discovered this, and greeted me (rather it) warmly one morning.
Bpsiple were happy to see me come in the office this morning. Rather, they were happy to see my bag'o'cables.

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