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Including the kittens, four cats have occupied this house with us. Maggie was already seven or eight when we moved in, so, while she was very curious, she didn’t necessarily try every possible thing out. She was also well behaved to a fault. Eddy joined us as a kitten, and has always been a bit wilder.

In any event, by the time Beso and Luna joined us, we felt we had a pretty good idea of everything a cat could get into in this house, and every trick they might try. Now that I see that on my screen, I see how silly I was.

Luna, in particular seems to figure out all the interesting spots. First there was our unfinished basement. She figured out how to get up in the rafters. She taught Beso, and they taught Eddy (remember: Eddy lived here for seven years before the kittens moved in, and never tried such a thing). I’ve been trying to get a picture of that for a post…

Her latest trick was one that she just started a day or two ago: walking along the rail at the top of the stairs. Maggie, Eddy, and even Beso haven’t tried it. She seems to be able to balance perfectly up there, but she scares the heck out of me and my wife. I think we recall a less-than-graceful landing.

Luna on the Rail


Posted 2011-11-29 by Mr. Guilt in cats, Family, felis silvestris catus, Luna

3 responses to “Luna’s Latest Trick

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  1. Oh noes! That is a pretty precarious perch! (I sound like Porky Pig!)
    She looks so elegant.

  2. Oh my! She looks so perfectly balanced and statuesque. Brave kitten!

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