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Pen Profile: Frusen Gold and Silver Gel Pens   Leave a comment

Before Christmas, we were walking through the IKEA Family area, where they had an array of office supplies: Gel pens! Notebooks! Desk accessories! The prices were more than reasonable, but I really couldn’t justify it.

Nlefam Gold & Silver Gel Pens

But I did come across the Frusen gold and silver gel pens. I was using a silver sharpie for some marking purposes, and, for $2, though ti was worth a try. I bought a set. I was reasonably pleased. The silver worked on the inside fly leaf of my Rhodia Webbie. It writes reasonably well on most paper, though sometimes it is a bit of a reluctant starter. It has a fun glittery look to it. The gold does good on white paper, but less so on darker paper. Just as glittery as the silver, it has more of a yellow hue to it.

Nlefam Writing Samples

While I don’t see myself using them for long notes, but to add some decoration to the page, they would work well. Unfortunately, they don’t appear on the IKEA web page. The really bad news: last time I was at IKEA, they were in the “Last Chance” bin, for a buck a set. I picked up an extra two sets. If you live near an IKEA, it may be worth seeing if you can do the same.

An earlier edition of this post identified these as “Nlefam” pens. However, I have since learned the correct model name is Frusen. They appear to be still available, though not for the close-out price. The post was corrected. My apologies.

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