Ocelittle at the Cincinnati Zoo   2 comments

Sihil ClimbsThis week, the Cincinnati Zoo announced the birth of a baby ocelot. The baby was born on New Year’s Eve, making it the last of Cincinnati’s zoo babies. What’s special about this baby is that it is the result of a new artificial insemination process developed by the zoo’s Center for Conservation and Research of Endangered Wildlife.

The Cincinnati Zoo is one of the leaders in the conservation of small cats. Sihil, pictured to the right, is the first ocelot born through a frozen embryo. She makes regular visits to the Ocelot Conservation Festival in South Texas.

The baby (whose sex hasn’t been published as of this writing) will be in the Night Hunter’s exhibit this spring. I suspect I’ll post a picture or two once that happens…assuming I can limit myself to that many.

Posted 2013-01-16 by Mr. Guilt in animals, cats, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Zoo, ocelots

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