Pallas Cats and Roaring Lions   7 comments

It’s been a mild winter in Cincinnati, and yesterday was a particularly lovely day. My wife and daughter had a four-day weekend that I didn’t so they were out of town. I decided to visit the zoo right at opening, to catch the Night Hunters in day phase.

I did get some good pictures of fishing cats.

Do you think my mentioning sushi to them caught their attention?
Does the Fishing Cat See Sushi?

I’m always amazed with their eyes.

I’m not the least bit surprised they like to play in water.
Playing with Water

I wanted to try different settings on the camera, and some new software to process it, to see if I can get better pictures during night phase. While not as good as full light, I think the outcome is not bad.

The bobcat was very interested in what I was doing, standing right at the front of his enclosure.

Another handsome cat!
Bobcat Profile

There are fennec foxes next door to the fishing cats. I’m not sure what they were looking at.
Fennec Foxes Watch!

The caracal was just relaxing.
Chillin' Caracal

The one of the reasons the lights are still on is that the keepers are puttering around–a few enclosures are being cleaned. The sand cat was up and close to the glass.
Alert Sand Cat

Why? There is a door right across from their enclosure the keepers went in and out of. Presumably with their breakfast!
Shy Sand Cath

The black-footed cat just glared at me…
Black Footed Mugshot
I swear I didn’t do anything to upset him!

The clouded leopard was up, saying, “OH HAI!” Clouded leopards are moving up my list of favorite cats.
"Oh Hai!" Says the Clouded Leopard

Clouded Leopard Stretch

The pallas cat is native to central Asia. I know many who follow this blog are fans.
Pallas Cat Gazes Into the Distance

They are roughly the same size as a house cat, though a lot…fuzzier. They also have longer tails to help provide balance as they climb over the mountainous terrain.
Climbing Pallas Cat

The Cincinnati Zoo is known for its conservation efforts, particularly for small wild cats. Their Center for Conservation and Research for Endangered Wildlife performs research into efforts to protect species. Last summer, they were able to have the first Pallas cat kittens born though artificial insemination. I walked back to their area for the first time yesterday. I didn’t see the kittens (their enclosure was marked–they might have been in some of the places set up for them to hide). Their parents, however, were quite visible.
Pallas Parents 1

So very fuzzy!
Pallas Parents 2

As I walked away from CREW, I heard the lion!


Humans sleep with teddy bears. A polar bear demonstrates what bears sleep with.
I Love My Crate

The wolves certainly enjoyed the sunny day.
Mexican Wolves

I also spent a good chuck of time watching the cougars.

They are also known as pumas, mountain lions, Florida panther, catamount, shadow cat, 10.1, red tiger, deercat, mountain devil, king cat, Mexican lion, mountain screamer, silver lion, sneak cat, and, most recently, 10.8.
Stalking Cougar

Stretching Cougar!

Watchful Tecumseh

When I looked through my photos, I was amazed not at how many I took (I often take hundreds), but how many different animals I got good pictures of. In particular, I took a lot of pictures I normally don’t take pictures of. I developed a new appreciation for Pallas cats, and enjoyed a great day.


7 responses to “Pallas Cats and Roaring Lions

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  1. I love all the cats! You got some great pics!
    The Clouded Leopard streeeeetch is awesome.
    I subscribed to the Blackfooted cat site and am receiving the daily pics. That’s cool.
    Great pics of the Pallas cats.
    My dogs and I enjoyed the Lion sounding off.

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  3. Yep – probably one of the greatest blog posts ever!!

  4. How awesome! I didn’t know you had a blog. I love your photos. ALL of them

  5. This post is so full of wonderful cats! and other critters. I love those pointy fennec faces. And that streeetch is magnificent.

  6. Thank you for the photographs of such beautiful cats. Just looking at them makes me feel good.

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