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One of my biggest frustrations with the Night Hunters exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo is that it is very difficult to take pictures there. I have a new camera that can handle low light better, but the lighting has a blueish tint.

I did, however, get a hint that, if you go early enough, you can catch these nocturnal creatures as they end their “day phase.” And, I got to see the fishing cats, my second favorite kind of cat, as they had their breakfast.
What's for Breakfast?

There are two, a female (pictured above), and a male.
Fishing Cat (Up High)

To be honest, I think he was a little afraid of the lady fishing cat, giving her space while she ate.
Chillin' Fishing Cat

He is a very handsome cat.
Big Handsome Fishing Cat

They eventually shifted to “night phase.” Below is a picture with no manipulation (other than a crop). You can see what I mean by the “bluing” problem.
Night Hunters Fishing Cat (Raw)

I’m still seeing what can be done with software. Here is my first attempt at processing my way around the problem.
Fishing Cat Bath
Kinda green.

I could just give up and go black-and-white.
Black & White Fishing Cat

I’m still working on it. Any opinions?

Other cats benefited from my early visit. The caracal was out and interested in what I was doing.
Curious Caracal

The sand cat wanted me to follow him…
You Coming?

…to the top of his hill.
Why are you still down there?

Neofelis nebulosa was having his breakfast.
Clouded Leopard Brunch

He has such a long tail!
Clouded Leopard Tail

Cats aren’t the only creature to call Night Hunters their home. Some bats were just hanging around.
Just Hanging Around

Cincinnati has been coated in a layer of ice the last couple of days. I didn’t get to see the cougars, as their window was, shall we say, double-paned.
Icy Window to the Cougars

Most outdoor animals weren’t out. Some, however, call this weather “pleasant.” For instance, there is the polar bear.
Lovely Weather We're Having

And, of course, the penguins.
Penguin Gaggle

I did shoot a short video (including the loud penguins).


13 responses to “Breakfast with Fishing Cats

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  1. I wonder if the other cats make fun of the sand cat for being so adorable.

    • They are cute. However, based on everything I read, I wouldn’t want to meet one (or a black-footed cat) in a dark alley. It seems fierceness and size are inversely related.

  2. gorgeous pics, MrGuilt.

    how early is early enough to catch the day phase?

    • The zoo opens at 9; I was there by 9:30. I took a bit of license with this for my blog post: between the time I got there and 10:30, they were working on cleaning out enclosures, The sand cats and black-footed cats had their lights on when I got there, but there was no clouded leopard or fishing cat to be seen. The keepers worked each enclosure, cleaning up a bit, setting out breakfast, then letting the animals in. So, I had to wait 20-30 minutes before they let out the fishing cats. When they did, the lights were on for at least 10 minutes or so.

  3. Wow – look at all those fabulous cats! Amazing creatures, aren’t we?

    • You guys very much are. As I’ve said in the past, wildcats (felis silvestris, whose subspecies include felis silvestris catus (the house cat)) are my favorite species of cat.

  4. I love all the wildcats, too! Great pics and loved the video, too! I wonder what the penguins were saying.

  5. Cats and penguins and polar bears and bats – all you need is some otters and you’ll have all my favorites covered. The sandcat is so cute my heart melted! And the caracal has such incredible ear tufts.

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