Ocelots and Clouded Leopards at the Cincinnati Zoo   6 comments

I went to the Cincinnati Zoo over the weekend. I’m becoming quite the regular. As I got hung up waiting for Mitt Romney’s motorcade, I missed the day phase. I was actually OK with that, as it gave me ample opportunity to test out my Night Hunter camera settings and processing. The fishing cats do come out a touch blue sometimes.
Fishing Cat Breakfast
But there are spots where the difference is practically the same as with light.
Bathtime for Fishing Cats
I am going to make more of a conscious effort to post (if not take) only pictures which are somewhat special. I still want to go there and practice, as I want to develop techniques for when the zoo is not a few miles away. Plus, sometimes I do get an different view. Case in point: the caracal’s ear tuffs seem to have a bit of a following. This shot looked a little better than my last one, though similar.
Caracal Tufts
Also, there seems to be one animal that chooses to do something different each visit. Today, it was the ocelot.
Ocelot Walk
Ocelots are among the best tree climbers, able to so straight down head first. This branch wasn’t even close to a challenge.
Descending Ocelot
I was actually able to get some neat shots of neofelis nebulosa, the clouded leopard.
Drinking Clouded Leopard
I was particularly proud of how this shot came out–it was the combination of a good pose by my subject, and the techniques I mentioned earlier.
Looking at His Next Leap
Cats have a knack for finding a perfect, just-their size spot to take a nap. The clouded leopard is no exception.
Clouded Leopard Nest
The pallas cat camouflage seemed quite effective today.
Pallas Cat Blending In
In other pallas cat news, I think I figured out that the two pallas cats in the CREW area I mentioned last time were actually pallas kittens, only a couple months younger than Beso and Luna. They are the first ones born as the result of artificial insemination.
Pallas Kittens
Based on the litter boxes in their enclosure, I’m pretty sure they’ve moved from that spot.
Pallas Kitten
The cougar was having a relaxing Sunday.
Relaxing Cougar
I went to see the giraffes, who were inside, making them smarter than me for a thirty-degree-day. I’ve never seen a giraffe laying down before.
Giraffe Laying Down
While looking at the giraffe, I heard a dog bark from the Cat Ambassador area. I walked over a bit, and am pretty sure it is Pow Wow, one of their Anatolian shepherds. I waited a few minutes, and was rewarded with a cheetah siting and watching! The statues of Angel, their first cheetah ambassador, and Carrie, her cougar friend, were near the cheetah.
Cheetah Looks at Angel's Statue


6 responses to “Ocelots and Clouded Leopards at the Cincinnati Zoo

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  1. my favorite is the fishing cat washing. How beautiful. I love your photography. I might visit Cincinnati JUST to see that zoo!!

    Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors

    • The Cincinnati Zoo has one of the best small cat collections in the country. I’d definitely recommend coming out the second half of this summer or fall. The Cat Ambassador shows will be going on, allowing you to see servals jump, fishing cats dive, and cheetahs run (Cincinnati is home of the world record holder for fastest cheetah, Sarah). By then, the new Cat Canyon will be open for our two new snow leopards (plus our lions).

      If you do come out, ping me–I’d be happy to meet you out there for a day at the zoo!

      • Oh that’s really neat. I am afraid that i cannot make it this year have already plans for Mexico and Italy!!! But i will get there. And I will definitely contact you.

      • autumn would be best for me. Your summers are too hot. :-)

    • I find you regarding our summers at “too hot” somewhat amusing, having grown up in Southwest Louisiana. :)

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