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Today my office had a bake-off. I decided to enter. When we got the e-mail announcing it, I forwarded it to my wife and a member of my team, asking what I should make. As simultaneously as e-mail can be, they both answered.

French Silk Pie.
French Silk Pie for Bake-Off

When I dropped off my pie, I saw the other entries. They all looked good, but I was confident. However, someone in my office made a professional-looking carrot cake. Apparently, he went to culinary school before joining our firm. Just looking at it made me think the race was for second place.

Strictly speaking, there was no second place. However, they did award prizes to the top two. The carrot cake was one winner. Much to my surprise, I was the other! I got a neat basket of cooking supplies.

I was quite excited to be one of the winners–there were some great deserts in the running. Plus, I no longer have a French silk pie recipe. I have an Award Winning French Silk Pie recipe! :)


Posted 2012-02-18 by Mr. Guilt in food, work

4 responses to “Office Bake-Off

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  1. Congrats on your award-winning pie! It looks beautiful, as does the prize.

  2. Woohoo! That’s fantastic! Congratulations!

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