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It shouldn’t be done, but we all done. An e-mail thread begins, and folks get added as the problem expands. Sometimes, it is the actual “to” field. Other times, it’s to the “CC”–perhaps the manager of the person just added. The list grows. Once added, somehow, you never get removed.
Original Message
Once your work is done, the discussion moves on to other activities. After a few messages, I stop reading it–maybe skimming a message every hour or so. However, I see this as a bad thing. First, it is simply making the number on the badge on your phone increase, clogging brian space that could be used for other things. If you stop paying attention to the thread, you may miss when you are needed again. Getting off the e-mail chain would solve both these problems.

Easier said than done. Sending a bulk “get me off this thread” comes off as a bit obnoxious–not a team player. I’ve tried pinging a few friends, asking them to take me off. This isn’t as effective. I think this is an opportunity for enterprise e-mail producers to create a feature for this. It could work just within a mail system (just my office’s Exchange implementation), or as a standard that everyone could adopt. I call it “Remove from Distribution.” If you select it, either from a button or menu option, the server intercepts messages that match this message (same subject/distribution), and your name is removed from the “To” and “CC” fields on any message related to that thread. Instead, it is moved to a new section.
In my demo, it is called “Ignoring,” though some other language (“Removed from Distribution” for instance) could be used. This ensures the rest of the distribution is aware that they would need to add you back to the thread if they need you (rather than just dropping off silently). It could even be set with a checkbox to facilitate that when “Reply to All” is clicked.
Edit the Message
Once added back in, you would know to read the new message–you may need to do something!

There are probably several kinks to work out of this idea. However, I think that it would help cut down on e-mail volume for busy folks, and help folks react to new messages in a more timely fashion. So Google and Microsoft: here’s a proposal for a great new feature. Run with it!

Business Card Holder Kludge   Leave a comment

For work, I made a quick reference card to hand out to everyone at my office. I initially distributed them at a training session I hosted during the week. However, many folks were engaged in other things, or attended via the dial-in. I told them to come to my desk.

In order to have a good place to put them. I set up an Altoids tin to stand in for a business card stand. I used a couple pieces of tape to hold the lid half-open (tilted slightly back). Since the thickness of the stack of business cards was less than the width of the tin, an eraser is in front of the cards, helping them stay vertical.

The card pictured is not the one I made, though it did have a QR Code to an internal web site. I used another card to protect proprietary information.

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Seen in a conference room…No one is quite sure what “SE” is, but the solution does have broad applicability.
The Ultimate Fix

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Office Bake-Off   4 comments

Today my office had a bake-off. I decided to enter. When we got the e-mail announcing it, I forwarded it to my wife and a member of my team, asking what I should make. As simultaneously as e-mail can be, they both answered.

French Silk Pie.
French Silk Pie for Bake-Off

When I dropped off my pie, I saw the other entries. They all looked good, but I was confident. However, someone in my office made a professional-looking carrot cake. Apparently, he went to culinary school before joining our firm. Just looking at it made me think the race was for second place.

Strictly speaking, there was no second place. However, they did award prizes to the top two. The carrot cake was one winner. Much to my surprise, I was the other! I got a neat basket of cooking supplies.

I was quite excited to be one of the winners–there were some great deserts in the running. Plus, I no longer have a French silk pie recipe. I have an Award Winning French Silk Pie recipe! :)

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I Have a Cool Coworker   1 comment

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On Call Kitty   Leave a comment

I’ve been on a lot of outage calls lately. One ran literally overnight. In fact, I’m on one right now. It’s part of having a job in IT. Both my wife and I are on-call 24×7, and have taken calls at various times. We’ve gotten to where we can sleep through each other’s pager (most of the time).

As I’ve mentioned before, my cats have taken on the self-appointed role of “on-call kitty.” Basically, one of them would hang out with whoever had to get up and deal with the issue. Maggie seemed to start this, but Eddy took to the role after a few years.

Admittedly, they don’t do much. Sometimes, they will cuddle up next to whoever is has been paged. Or, they’ll just doze on the couch. It doesn’t seem like much, but just having the presence of another being makes a long, lonely call more tolerable. It is definitely something we both appreciate.

Ball of On-Call Kitty

Get Ready for #NeckTieThursday   4 comments

Louisiana Tie for #necktiethursdayWhen I started at my current job over a dozen years ago, one of the biggest perks was “business casual.” Prior to that, I generally had to wear at least a tie. Getting to wear khakis and an open collar was a perk.

I’m rather surprised that I’ve joined in with some of the newer guys in the office, to wear ties in the office. As I have mentioned before, I had a whole stash of ties that I simply wasn’t getting the opportunity to wear. I think that I wear ties perhaps three or four times a year, and typically not to occasions where, say, a Snoopy tie is appropriate.

What I discovered? Well, men are fairly boring dressers. Absent ties, we all look fairly the same. Guys, tell me if you’ve heard this: “How come I didn’t get the memo” when a conference room contains men all wearing the same shirt.

Each week at my office, a few more guys are wearing ties. I’m going to invite the others on the Internet to join in. If you do so, tweet about it, with the #necktiethursday hashtag.

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Necktie Thursday   4 comments

One of my coworkers declared Thursday “Necktie Day.” Many have joined in the fun. Before I started with my current company, I had to wear ties almost every day, so I have quite the stockpile.

One sad thing about it is that I have several fun ties that would be OK for a random Thursday in the office, but not for the occasions I wear ties to these days (weddings, etc.).

Necktie Thursday 10/27/2010

This particular tie is from a series made for the Save the Children foundation, where kids drew the pattern, and it was made into a tie. I like this one because it almost looks like a typical necktie pattern, until you look at it…and realize, it’s a giraffe.

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