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Tails are Handy   Leave a comment

They can keep the light from interrupting your nap.
Tail Covering Her Eyes

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Why I Sometimes Stay Up Too Late   Leave a comment

I’m not always allowed to get to bed on time.
Lap Cats

Checking in on Santos the Ocelittle   1 comment

Santos, the ocelot cub (“ocelittle”) at the Cincinnati Zoo is about the size of Eddy when I first met him. I have to remind myself that he was only two weeks old, and will sleep a lot more than he plays. I decided to check on him today, at the three-week mark. He was still a sleepily little boy.
Sleepy Santos

Love the chin!
Ocelittle Chin

But he did start to wake up a bit. I got to see his eyes!
Santos the Ocelittle

Santos Profile

Clearly, he’s more capable. I got to see him walk around a bit…
Sittin' Santos

And even play with a keeper, and the plush animals in his enclosure.
Ocelittle vs. Clouded Leopard

That Tickles!
That tickles!

I was a bit crazy going out to the zoo–the temperature never saw above thirty. I stopped into Night Hunters, in part to warm up. A black footed cat was in plain sight.
BFC Meatloaf

And a sand cat fell asleep on top of his hill.
Sand Cat Nodding Off

The bobcat looked like he had some news for me…

Miss Caracal was back!

I hadn’t seen her since at least the spring. I don’t know where she was, but I was getting a bit worried. It was really good to see her again!
Miss Caracal is Back!

While humans weren’t fond of the cold day, snow leopards live for it. Renji and Nubo were up front, and happy to have a chat.
Renji and Nubo Enjoy the Brisk Day

Nubo was a bit of a show-off.

Renji maintained her mysterious composure.
Pensive Renji

While there are plenty of unusual animals in the official collection, there are “wild” animals that pass through. The problems squirrels were causing made news lately. Today, I saw a domesticated cat, probably a stray, on the grounds.
Stray at the Zoo

I had mentioned I didn’t get to see puffins too often. My wife pointed out the Cincinnati Zoo had them, we just don’t go in the exhibit that often. I was passing it, it looked warm, so I popped in.
Cincinnati Puffin

I also got a family picture of all three red pandas!
Red Panda Clan

While cold, it was a good day to see the zoo, and I am glad to see little Santos growing up.
Sweet Santos

Film Camera   1 comment

I got into photography as an all-digital guy. I’ve never had the space for a wet darkroom, and patience, at least when I was younger, was not my strong suit. When good DSLRs became more affordable, it seemed more do-able to me. I got a Nikon, along with my own “digital” darkroom.

Coincidentally, my late father had a Nikon. He mentioned wanting to get into photography from time to time, but probably had the same limitation. Unfortunately, he never got the opportunity to try out a DSLR to really explore the hobby. He did had a Nikon N80, which he did shoot family events with.

My mom came across it, and asked if I was interested in it. I thought it might be fun to go retro, and try some film shooting. All my lenses were compatible, so the only real expense is the film. Inside, there was a roll of film, half-shot. I finished it out, in part to test the camera.

Film has a different look from digital, though part of it may be because of the film’s age. There are actually filters for Lightroom to emulate various types of film. The roll was Kodak Gold 200, which I don’t believe is made any more.

As always, my cats were eager ambivalent models.
Crouching Pico-Panther

As it turns out one hour film developing is no longer common–two to three days seems to be the norm, though I was told black and white would require more like two weeks. I found one place that still offered it to turn around this initial roll, and they said they would be discontinuing this service early next year.
Luna on her Blanket

My workflow was similar to my digital process. I had the film developed to a CD, and imported the images to Aperture. There, I made my final adjustments. Still, the distinctive look of film remained.
Beso in the Study

The roll of film was over eight years old–to some extent, I was surprised it came out at all. Some of the prints showed damage. I was able to fix some of it in Aperture, but artifacts remain. You can see signs in the doorframe, as well as just above Eddy’s eyes.
Eddy in a Corner

While I doubt I will shoot a lot of film–there is a bit of cost and hassle associated with it relative to digital–I think it will be fun to experiment with it from time to time.

As I mentioned, half of the roll was used by my father, and it was interesting to see what appeared. And, it would seem my dad and I got to shoot a roll of film together.

Halloween for the Cats   Leave a comment

It’s become an annual tradition–at least since we got the kittens–to take pictures of the cats with the pumpkin(s).

Of course, the boys were more interested in the treats I got out for the photo shoot, rather than the pumpkins.
Checking Out the Treats

Which makes sense–black is really the most appropriate attire for Halloween.
Luna and the Pumpkins

Luna can really look the part of spooky cat.
Serious Black Cat

Eddy, though lacking Luna’s black coat, can bring the attitude.
Spooky Barn Cat

Clearly, he earned his title of “senior cat.”
Halloween Eddy

Happy Halloween!
Pumpkins 2013

What’s with the “Yes on 2?” Look here!

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Happy National Cat Day!   Leave a comment

It’s National Cat Day! Let’s celebrate cats both wild and domesticated.
Pensive Eddy


Proud John

Through the Hoop!

Rolling Tiger

Pallas Kitten on a Log


I Haz a Toy

Pinot in the Grass

Savanna Trots

Barn Cats (Close)

Caracal Dreams

Friday the Thirteenth?!?   Leave a comment

I spent the whole day writing emails referring to “Friday, September 13.” I was late making the connection. Even later did it occur to me: I have a black cat.

One does need to be careful with black cats on Friday the Thirteenth…they tend to steal your heart.
Luna Looks Down on Me
Well, she does that every day.

Truthfully, Luna wasn’t in a mood to pose. Beso always is willing to pose.
Beso, Having Deep Thoughts

Especially when you mention chicken!
Did Someone Say Chicken?

Eddy’s Ninth Adopt-a-Versary   2 comments

Nine years ago today, September 4, I was riding the BCBCBCBC, when I came across an abandoned kitten.

That kitten now steals my desk chair!
Eddy in my Chair

Happy adopt-a-versary, Eddy! We can’t imagine not having you in our lives.

I’ll take my laptop downstairs…

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Luna and the Bag Handle   1 comment

We came home tonight with a paper grocery bag with loop handles. We set it on the floor as we put everything away, and turned around to discover Luna jumped into it. This is anything but uncommon in our house. We commented how cute she is, and went about our business.

She jumped out, wandered around a bit, then back in. I noticed she pushed in one of the sides of the bag. I walked over to check: she managed to get her head through one of the loops. This scares me a bit, so I reached in to try to free her. Luna, however, decided it was time to run away.

She jumped up and tore off…with the bag still flopping around her. She kept running, but couldn’t get away from the paper bag. My wife tried to catch her from the other direction. I didn’t see exactly what happened, but I next saw Luna running through the kitchen. However, she still had the loop handle and a chunk of the bag around her neck.

I tried to catch her, but she evaded me. She went down the cat-hole to the basement. As I mentioned, our basement is a stone basement. There is a gap in one wall under one room. It’s sealed from the outside, and some of the ductwork goes through it–it’s sort of a Jefferies tube that only a cat (Luna in particular) can access with any ease. Naturally, she jumped up there. Luna was only coming out on her terms.
Luna in the Jefferies Tube

We got out the treats and shook them. Beso and Eddy appeared at our feet. She approached, but there was no way I could grab her, hang on, and pull her out. I feared she was becoming scared of me. I puttered around the basement filling the tires on my bicycles, trying again here and there. I finally got the bag remnant off of her, so at least it would no longer be a choking hazard. I went upstairs and sat on the couch. She appeared five minutes later.

Life with cats is always an adventure!

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Beso and Luna’s Second Adopt-a-Versary   2 comments

Two years ago today (August 9), we adopted Beso and Luna. It’s been a blast having them.
Beso, and Luna's Paw

Beso remains a very mellow cat. At first, we thought he was a bit of a scaredy cat. But that’s not exactly it. It’s more that he thinks things through deliberately. He remained calm at the vet, for example, where his sister was less comfortable.
Beso in Rebecca's Chair

Beso remains a kitten at heart. He loves to play with toys, and still has a great full-body butt wiggle when he goes to pounce.
Beso, in Rebecca's Chair, on his Side

Luna amuses us with her hacker-ninja ways. Tonight, she was setting up an ambush.
Luna's Paws

She loves to figure out new things, such as training me to hold her to the skylight. We love her insistent chirps when she needs something.
Flopped-Over Luna

It’s been great having them–we couldn’t imagine our house without the “kittens” in it. Happy Adopt-a-Versary, Beso and Luna.

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