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We made our way to Tampa, Florida, to check out some of the sites, and enjoy the warmer weather. Our first stop? Here:
Tampa Electric Power Plant

Why would we go to a power plant? It happens to be the site of Tampa Electric’s Manatee Viewing Center. At this plant, water is taken in from the bay to cool one of the units, then discharged back into the bay. The water leaves the plant warm and clean, and has become a popular hangout for manatees. Tampa Electric has set up a great site to see the manatees.

Manatee Backs

OK, seeing wild manatees is not the same thing as seeing them at the zoo, with a window to get eye to eye with them. You had to look. See if you can see them now:
Manatee Backs - Highlights

Usually, we could only see a back.
Pair of Manatees

Or a nose.

One did like to roll over.
Manatee Belly 2

There were plenty of spots for education and fun.
"Mama" and "Baby" Manatee

There were a network of hiking trails being built, including a long walk.
Path to the Tower

This lead to a tower, affording great views of the bay.
Observation Tower

Looking Out Over the Bay

This was a great attraction, and opportunity to see these creatures in the wild.
Free Rider


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