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Got a comment on my post about the Sheaffer Intrigue:

Would you please have a detailed step-by-step, diagram illustration on how to refill this Intrigue pen? there are two moving parts, and I cannot get it to work

There are two parts that move in the back of the barrel of a Shearer Intrigue:

Intrigue Diagram

The part marked “B,” closest to the nib, is the part that unscrews completely, exposing the ink tray. In the picture below, there is a cartridge in the tray.
Extended Tray

If you are using a cartridge, you just put it in the tray, then screw it back together again. The cartridge will be pierced when you complete screwing this closed. Write a bit, or run some water over the nib to get the ink flowing.

If you want to use a bottle, however, you’ll want to put the converter in. Note that while the Intrigue uses standard Shearer cartridges, the converter is unique to this model. It has a “geared” top to a piston-filling mechanism, rather than an areometric filler. Note that part “A” will need to be pushed closed (towards the nib).

OK, assuming you want to bottle-fill, and you’ve installed the converter and screwed “B” back in, you’ll use the knob, part “A” on the diagram to fill it. During normal operation, it will be pushed in to the barrel.

To fill, you will pull this away from the nib. This will allow the knob to engage the gear at the top of the converter.

Dip the nib in the bottle of ink (make sure the ink adequately covers the nib), then turn the knob. You’ll want to turn it all the way counter-clockwise (which will move the plunger in the convertor towards the nib), then all the way clockwise (pulling the plunger away from the nib, and sucking ink into the pen). This will fill the pen. I like to repeat this two or three times, then, pull the pen out of the ink (but keep it over the bottle), and turn it counter-clockwise to push a drop or two out of the pen. Push the knob back in, and you should be good to go.

That’s how you fill a Sheaffer Intrigue! Happy Writing.

Posted 2015-01-05 by Mr. Guilt in Fountain Pens

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