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Fountain Pen Day 2014
The first Friday in November is Interational Fountain Pen day. This year, it’s today, November 7. This year will mark my twentieth anniversary as a fountain pen collector and user. I like to think of all my pens as users, whether they are brand new, or over a century old.

Fountain pens offer an elegance to writing, and a bit of ritual. Given modern companies that produce a rainbow of inks and the ability to choose your nib, letters on the page are infinitely customizable. I find the writing to be smoother, and my handwriting simply looks better.

Never try a fountain pen? Might I suggest Pilot Varsity Or, if you want to get the full experience, I would recommend a Lamy Safari. This is a great pen that can take cartridges, or, with a convertor, fill from a bottle. I’m almost certain you will fall in love with fountain pens.

Some great shops:

  • My favorite store is Appointments, here in Cincinnati.
  • JetPens has a lot of pens at a variety of price points and styles.
  • Want something vintage? Go to Pendemonium

Posted 2014-11-07 by Mr. Guilt in Fountain Pens

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