April, 2014 Hodge-Podge   1 comment

On vacation, I tend to be part pack mule.
Part dad; part pack mule.

Thing I didn’t know: the World Chess Hall of Fame is in Saint Louis. It’s home to the world’s largest chess piece.
World's Largest Chess Piece (really)

Remember my roasted brussels sprouts recipe? Try it with walnut oil instead of olive oil. Before broiling, sprinkle some walnuts on top (pecans can do in a pinch). Yum!

Sounds about right…
I believe it!

A point many forget:

Posted 2014-04-30 by Mr. Guilt in Hodge-Podge

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  1. Glad you got to visit St. Louis, even if the zoo is a little sad. Heard these Lynx verbalizing to each other and thought of you. http://www.npr.org/blogs/krulwich/2014/05/04/309038580/listen-to-these-lovely-cats-no-actually-don-t To me it sounds like the distant sound of human crowds – like a stadium.


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