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Museum of Mirth, Mystery and Mayhem
While in downtown Saint Louis, we made stop at the City Museum. I honestly don’t know how to describe it. Most of the museum is made of repurposed materials–parts removed from buildings, or even a few airplane fuselages. Climbing on the exhibits is not only allowed, but encouraged. It’s something accessible to anyone of any age.

Outside, it appears to be a some form of a post-apocalyptic junkyard.
Post-Apocalypic Junkyard Cum Playground

Steampunk Elephant

The tubes connecting the towers are meant to be climbed through, as my daughter, in the red jacket, demonstrates. I’ll note that she was about six stories up at the time.
Six Stories Up!

You can take a tube between two aircraft fuselages.

Inside are more tubes!
Caitlin in the Tube

And whales to climb under!
Rebecca Under the Whale

Truthfully, it was hard to convey on film all the slides, climbs, skateboard ramps, and other things around the museum. There were four floor, each with a different theme and different objects.
Caitlin the Top

They did have some pretty cool mosaics.
Dolphin Mosaic

Walrus Mosaic

it’s definitely on my list of “places I’d go back to.” I discovered too late they had lockers to stash my camera in. Had I known that, I might have tried to climb up to a slide…assuming I’m brave enough!

Posted 2014-04-08 by Mr. Guilt in Spring Break 2014

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