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While in Saint Louis, we had to take my daughter to the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. You probably know this better as the Gateway Arch.
Up at the Arch

Driving from our hotel, we took a wrong turn, and wound up on the east side of the Mississippi River. We decided to take advantage of this mistake, to get a few photos of the Arch from the other side of the river. My wife found just the place, the Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park.
Arch and Flag

This is a bit of a hidden gem. The east bank of the river seems underutilized. While the South Bank of the Ohio River tries to take advantage of its proximity to Cincinnati with a variety of restaurants, hotels, and similar spots, the Illinois side is a blend of highway interchanges and industrial sites. However, next to some vacant land and what looks like a grain silo is a park, with a small amphitheater and a forty foot tall observation deck–perfect for getting pictures of the Arch.
Gateway aRch

Once we took a few pictures, we crossed the river, parked, and approached the Arch.
Arch and Reflecting Pool

We paced around and took a few pictures–my daughter seems to be picking up the bug from me.
Caitlin, PhotographerH

We took a four minute ride in a tram up the Arch, to an observation deck. It afforded a good view of the area around the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial.
Shadow of the Arch

We got a good look at Busch Stadium, home of the Saint Louis Cardinals. Ironically, they were in Cincinnati that day, playing the Reds.
Busch Stadium

We also got a good look at the Old Courthouse.
Old Courthouse, from the Arch

We could also see the Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park. The structure on the lower right corner of the park is the observation deck we took the photos of the Arch from.
Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park

The Arch was completed in 1965, a little over a decade before I got to go up it the first time. I was not much younger than my daughter. As with everyone, anything that existed before I was born had been there forever, at least in my mind. It now strikes me that for my parents, our visit was to see a neat new thing. Now that the Arch is nearing fifty, for the next generation, that sense of permanence is real.
Family and the Arch


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