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Spring comes, and with it, the start of the fun holidays. We had Mardi Gras earlier this month, and St. Patrick’s Day coming up. Floating among them is Purim. For that, we make hamentaschen.

Caitlin Makes Sweet Grandma's Hamentaschen

The recipe is my wife’s grandmother’s. Transcribed over the phone, I made it, then typed it up to share within the family. As my daughter’s skills in the kitchen improve, she’s taking on a greater portion of the work.

Wrapping the Hamentaschen

I somewhat expected to be one of the threads maintaining and handing down some of my family’s recipes. It never occurred to me I might also be doing it for my wife’s. However, when I think about it, as the primary cook in my house, it makes sense. I’m honored to be taking it up.
Into the Oven

Besides, the hamentaschen is delicious!
Finished Hamentaschen

Posted 2014-03-13 by Mr. Guilt in Family, food

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