InCoWriMo, Week 1 Status   2 comments

So, I’m wrapping up the first week of International Correspondence Writing Month (InCoWriMo). So far, nine letters have been written and/or sent out.
InCoWriMo: Miao Chronicles

So far, it’s been a mix of folks I’ve known on line, other folks doing InCoWriMo, and a few contests. I also included in a few family and friends.

The latter has been one of the good things to come out of it. There are a few cases where I’ve meant to stay in touch, but somehow that has lingered in the “Someday/Maybe” part of my to-do list. InCoWriMo was a good nudge to move it to the “Next Action” section. Hopefully, this isn’t just a random burst, but something that establishes momentum.

It’s also been a great excuse to pull out my pens and play with them. My office is as close to a paperless office as you can reasonably get–my love of fountain pens is pretty much a quirk of mine. I write in a journal, but it’s nice to use my pens (and the pile of stationary and cards I just had to have when I saw them). I’ve been trying to be thoughtful in matching the pen and stationary to the recipient. Yes, I’ve even been logging that (on a computer even!).

We still have twenty days left in February. If you want some old-fashioned mail from me, send one of the new-fangled emails to me (my address is the same as the blog, “mrguilt”). I’ll be happy to ink a pen, and put nib to paper for you!


Posted 2014-02-08 by Mr. Guilt in Fountain Pens, InCoWriMo

2 responses to “InCoWriMo, Week 1 Status

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  1. (I certainly don’t need a handwritten letter from you, but I wanted to let you know that I’m the guy who said hello to you tonight at Lowe’s. It’s been years since I’ve posted a picture of myself online, but I see pictures of you come through my feed almost weekly. Perhaps it was a situation where I recognized you, but you didn’t recognize me.)

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