Better Model than Me   2 comments

This weekend, I set about taking a new profile picture for all my internet presence.
Charles, Straight on and Serious

I got a couple options.
Charles, Big Smile Avatar

I kept goofing around with that…
Charles Leaning, Arms Folded

…when Beso showed up.
Beso Looks Up to Charles

Let’s face it: he’s cuter than me.
Charles Looks at Beso

Luna also appeared, and I took a picture with her, too.
Charles and Luna Avatar
She was thrilled!

They wandered off. Luna checked out the snow.
Luna Looks at the Snow

Beso hung out on the bed, annoyed I was still taking pictures of him.
Beso on the Bed

I try to pull out my camera once a week and take pictures. This was an interesting session, with fun results.
Charles Standing with Beso

2 responses to “Better Model than Me

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  1. Great pictures :D Cats don’t hurt though – they’re so cute.

  2. I vote for the one with you and the cat looking at each other.


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