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InkARhino-225x285One of the great ironies is that, professionally, I work in Information Technology. My workplace is about as close to a “paperless office” as I’ve ever seen. As a standard, I keep my calendar online, so I can sync it among many devices, and let others (both coworkers and family) see and schedule things with me.

Yet I collect and use fountain pens, instruments that beg to be written with. At the end of the day, aside from my personal notes, I have little reason, on a day-to-day basis, to use my pen. I do keep a journal, which is definitely a step towards greater use. However, bottles of ink tend to last me a while.

This year, I’ve decided to participate in International Correspondence Writing Month (InCoWriMo). The idea is to write a handwritten letter each day during the month of February. It can be as simple as a postcard, or a full letter, and it doesn’t matter who it is too. This makes it a great excuse to use pens, ink, and stationary. It’s old school social media!

I have a small list forming of who to write, and there are forums as well. However, if you follow my blog, and want and hand written letter from me, email me an address–my gmail account is “mrguilt.” I promise: not showing up at your address in the middle of the night asking to crash.

If you are participating in InCoWriMo, good luck meeting the challenge!


Posted 2014-01-22 by Mr. Guilt in Fountain Pens, InCoWriMo

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  1. I love this idea! I may have to participate as well.

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