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Inventory StickersMy first job after moving to Cincinnati was in an IT contracting company. While I did get a lot of experience with both desktops and servers, there was also a fair amount of grunt work that was contracted out to us, either as part of a larger contract, or in and of itself.

For instance, within my first two weeks, I was doing an inventory of computers at a client site–going to each one and capturing some details (hard drive and RAM size, serial numbers, etc.). After touching each workstation, we would put a half-inch diameter sticker on the unit, to show that someone on my team had visited it. When we made a second pass, a similar sticker, but a different color, was added, this time with our initials. That was the first time I had consciously encountered those stickers professionally.

I immediately realized just how handy they could be. As I continued to work for that company, they were my go-to for any “touch every box” activity. The first man would put the sticker on after, say, installing a bit of software. The next guy, who was doing a “quality assurance” pass would initial the sticker.

I brought them with me to my next job, where they filled a number of roles. Right now, I have one batch flagging equipment marked for decommissioning. Another notes some configuration differences between some externally identical devices. They have served as temporary cable labels, and even serve ersatz tape.

I’ve come to view these as one of my go-to tools–a sheet of them lives in my bag, and I have many more stashed at my workplace. They have a lot of qualities that make them useful:

  • Small enough that I can stick them on a device, even when there isn’t a lot of space on it
  • Takes all sorts of ink well, for a bit of information or initials to be recorded
  • Come in a variety of colors
  • Most brands can come off leaving little to no residue
  • Readily available–while I typically go to an office supply store, I’ve seen them at many drug stores (like Walgreen’s)

I admit they are a rather prosaic thing to write about. However, they offer great utility when trying to keep track of things when moving quickly, or handing off from one person to another.


2 responses to “Round Inventory Stickers

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  1. If I’m not mistaken, they come in hot pink too :D

    • I’ve seen then in nearly every color of the rainbow! I’ve seen four colors on one sheet before.

      Given my purposes, I tend to favor sheets of one color, so I can say “yellow ones are decommissioned,” rather than a mix.

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