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Literally having a crappy ride–bird pop on my helmet.On an after-Christmas closeout at REI, I got a killer deal on a new cycling jacket. It was windproof, fleece lined, and had pockets in the back. At half-off, I got a much nicer cycling jacket than I’ve ever had. Though I hate riding in cold weather, I was excited to try it out this weekend. On Saturday, temperatures were falling throughout the day–I wore it on the second half of the ride. Sunday’s ride started with me wearing it.

I was about a half-mile from my house, already down my hill, when I saw something appear on my sunglasses. I took them off to see what was going on. The mirror I wear on my sunglasses when I ride fell off. It’s happened before, so I pulled to the side to go back and look for it. I saw it–just as it was run over by a car. I picked up the pieces, then looked at the glasses–a bird had pooped on me! I saw a spot on my helmet.

I went to the old terminal at Lunken to clean up, as I didn’t want to go back up my hill to clean up–I feared my ride would get shortened if I did. I cleaned my helmet and glasses, then checked my face (and washed it just to avoid the “ew” factor). That’s when I noticed it–a spot on my new jacket. I cleaned it off, then read the wash instructions (machine wash). I looked over myself one more time, cleaned a spot on my tights, then started riding again.

The only real lose was the mirror, which is a relatively inexpensive thing to replace. Everything else will come clean. It is one of the hazards of an outdoor activity, and certainly one that is more annoying than anything else.

I am not one for baseless accusations. However, about a half-mile from the terminal, I saw a rather smug-looking hawk sitting on a telephone wire. Just sayin’.

Posted 2014-01-13 by Mr. Guilt in Cycling

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