Cold Day at the Newport Aquarium   3 comments

We had some of the coldest weather in Cincinnati in the last twenty years this last week. We decided that it was a good opportunity to use our membership to the Newport Aquarium. It seemed warm, and we were ready to get out of the house. It was also surprisingly uncrowded.

We saw plenty of things we’ve seen before, such as the Port Jackson shark pups.
Port Jackson Shark Pup

Port Jackson Shark Pup 2

I had never noticed little beach skippers clinging to the rocks in the wave tank.
On the Shore

The woebegone is a bottom-dwelling shark. They camouflage nicely with the bottom of the sea, aided by their beards.
Wobbegong, the Bearded Shark

Yawning Wobbegong

My daughter decided to follow my lead in taking photos. That was fun, though I think we might want to try an environment that is less difficult to shoot in (like a zoo on a bright day).
Caitlin Photographs Lionfish

In that pic, she was photographing lionfish. In Atlantic waters, they are an invasive species–a bounty in on their head, as they are devastating native species and have no predators. On Follow Fridays, I recommend a number of conservation groups to follow on Twitter. One stands out: KilltheLionfish.

An albino crawfish looked a bit nervous–it must have sensed I had just come from Louisiana.
Albino Crawfish

On the other hand, sporting green, gold, and purple, the eyelash viper appeared ready for Mardi Gras.
Shy Eyelash Viper

The gila monster’s enclosure looked warm. I was tempted to climb in (it was around 4° outside when we got there), but they are more known for being venomous than cuddly. However, their saliva is being used in exenatide, a drug used to treat diabetes.
Gila Monster

The spectacled caiman propped himself up in the most amusing way.
Spectacled Caiman

It seemed to be common among the alligatorids, as Snowball, an albino alligator was similarly posed.
Snowball, the White Alligator

The orinoco crocodile was more relaxed.
Orinoco Crocodile

We watched the penguins for a while. A pair seems to have a nest.

A pair of sharkrays were practicing moves that seemed to be inspired by the Thunderbirds.
Sharkray Pass

The Newport Aquarium is known for their collection of this species.

Sea turtles seem to fly through the water.
Sea Turtle

It was a good day to spend at the aquarium. With the colder temperatures, we were some of the few guests, so we could take our time. We had a great time.
Photographing a Turtle

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  1. I love the 2 shots of your daughter infront of tanks -especially that bottom one – that’s great!

    • Thanks. I’m quite proud of the bottom one. She looked cute, I framed it well, and the turtle was in just the right spot. I think the fact that her outfit was towards the opposite end of the color spectrum as the background really helped. Already in my “best of 2014” folder.

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