Happy Third Birthday Renji!   5 comments

Today is the third birthday of one of my favorite cats, Renji. She’s a snow leopard at the Cincinnati Zoo. She’s special to my family, as we got to see her as a cub back in the Chattanooga Zoo.
Snug Behind Mom

I was quite excited when she moved to Cincinnati, where she’s growing into a very beautiful lady.
Dreamy Snow Leopard

Happy Birthday!

Posted 2014-01-10 by Mr. Guilt in cats, snow leopards

5 responses to “Happy Third Birthday Renji!

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  1. She’s beautiful! Does she have a boyfriend in Cincinnati?

    • She does! His name is Nubo, and he’s my favorite zoo animal. He likes to lay on his back (like my cat, Beso). All three were born in 2011.

      Nubo and Renji snoozing:
      Renji and Nubo Snuggle

      I keep telling them Cincinnati is a great place to raise kids.

  2. Oh yes, I remember you posting about Nubo, too! Hopefully they will have a cub! Such gorgeous animals!

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