Birds of Lake Charles   2 comments

My mom lives right on Lake Charles. The region seems to attract a wide variety of birds, and we often go feed them. Unlike last year, we saw no pelican. However, two Muscovy ducks were hanging around.
Muscovy Ducks

My daughter and her cousin named them Marvin and Lucy, but truly, I’m not even sure of their gender. We didn’t exchange names.
Muscovy Duck

They were pretty however.
Rocky Shores

They seemed to enjoy looking out on the water like we did.
Sitting by the Docks

Until they decided it was time to fly off.
Goodbye, Muscovy Ducks

The seagulls were all too happy to eat the bread my daughter and her cousin were offering.
All the Birds! 2


Special shout out to Laurie and @twitricia for helping to identify the Muscovy ducks. I honestly had no clue.

Posted 2014-01-05 by Mr. Guilt in animals, birds, Louisiana

2 responses to “Birds of Lake Charles

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  1. Great pics! Fun with birds!

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