Mount Lookout Luminaria 2013   2 comments

Diagonal Luminaria

Last weekend, Mount Lookout, a neighborhood adjacent to Columbia-Tusculum, had their thirty-eighth Luminaria–much longer than some other neighborhoods who seem to get more press. Shops were open late, and s’mores were made.

Caitlin and Rebecca Make S'Mores

Santa was even present.

Caitlin and Santa

Luminaria Steps

It’s a pretty, fun holiday tradition.

Receding Luminaria


Posted 2013-12-21 by Mr. Guilt in Cincinnati

2 responses to “Mount Lookout Luminaria 2013

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  1. Despite the fact that I live in Mt. Lookout, I haven’t partipated in the Luminaria since about 2005. That was the year I accidentally caught my glove on fire trying to light one of the candles. I always mean to go down to the square and check out the festivities, but I never have remembered until a day or two too late. Oh well.

  2. Congratulations on your photographic skill – your daughter has such a pleasant smile in photographs. In my experience, children often put on their ‘I am being photographed’ facefor the camera which is much less attractive.


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