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Like last year, Flickr has a group where you post your best photo of the year. They just announced it. I like to submit a picture to this group, as it’s a good time to look back at all the photos I’ve taken over the course of the year (as well as show off a bit).

“Miss Lop-Ears,” as my friends at ISEC call her, is a favorite cat at the Cincinnati zoo.
Miss Lop-Ears Watches

I often get good shots of my daughter. I dig the bokah I got in this one.
Caitlin Bokah

In April, we got the cats a new toy.
Got It!

Renji and Nubo played tag.

Gladys was an orphaned gorilla brought to the Cincinnati Zoo from Texas. She spent some time with humans performing “gorillafication” until she was big enough for surrogate gorilla moms to take over.
Humans Make Great Beds

We took a Duck ride, and got great views of the Roebling bridge.
Roebling & Queen City Square

Zoo Blooms!
Colorful Field 2

The butterfly show had some amazing colors.
Butterfly #10

On June 14, we were visited by Solar Impulse a solar powered airplane. This was also one of my first shots with an external flash, used as fill flash. I like how I captured both the plane and the setting sun.
Solar Impulse - Version 2

Spontaneous shots often produce cool results. I was packing up my camera at the Neil Armstrong Air and Space museum, after taking a family shot. My daughter stretched out in the grass, and wrote in her journal. I couldn’t have asked for a better composition.
Caitlin Journalling

We got an opportunity to see the RCMP Musical Ride perform. I call this the “recruiting poster” shot.
A Mountie and Her Horse

My daughter got into the spirit of Canada Day.
Matching Tatoos

At the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum, I walked up, and saw my daughter putting on a flight helmet in a kids area over the goggles. I told her to take it all off. It was clear she was about to protest that she was allowed. Then, she realized I was going to help her do it right: helmet first, then goggles. This may be the top contendor for best shot: good composition, good color, and I like the bokah.
Caitlin, Ready for Take-Off

Saint Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal was impressive.
Saint Josephs Oratory

As is Notre Dame Cathedreal in Old Montreal.
Notre Dame v1

A cheetah at the Toronto Zoo plays peek-a-boo.
Peeking Cheetah

The white lions at the Toronto Zoo were spectacular.
Lion Meatloafing

I’m not a giant panda fan, but I’m pleased with this shot.
Panda with Bamboo

When there is a good opportunity (and I remember my Gorilla-Pod), I like to try to get a good family shot. This one, at the Cincinnati Zoo’s new Africa exhibit, is probably my best of 2013.
Lion Family and My Family

Beso prefers to sleep on his back.
Inverted Beso

Summer means festivals…and roasted corn.

We went to the Columbus Zoo to see Amur tiger cubs. However, they were a bit shy.
Watching Cub

Saber the clouded leopard taking a nap. Gotta love the cloudies.

Elephants throw dust on their backs to protect themselves from the sun.
Elephant Dusting

Downard-Facing Dog Wolf.
Downward Facing Wolf

Savanna was just a wee cub last year. This year, she showed us she can fly!
Savanna Flies

I was amazed this bee was patient enough for me to futz with my macro lens. You can even see pollen on her legs.
Bee 1

I’m a fan of Gizmo the owl.

John the Lion looks so regal!
John on the Ridge

So love our heart-shaped snow leopards, Renji and Nubo.
Renji and Nubo Snuggle

A pallas cat kitten considers jumping.
Pallas Kitten, Pondering a Jump

Luna is getting the hang of the halloween cat tradition…
Serious Black Cat

…however, Eddy looked more intimidating with the pumpkins.
Spooky Barn Cat

Nubo the snow leopard is my favorite zoo animal.
Nubo, and his Tail (16:9)

Red pandas are among my favorite non-cat animals.
L'il Red Panda

Santos the ocelittle came to join us in November, and among the cutest things I’ve seen in 2013.
Santos the Ocelittle

As I said, it’s fun to look back at a year of adventures and memories. Even in terms of the quality of photography, I can tell I’m making improvements–there are three or four in this that really stand out to me. What do you think?


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2 responses to “Best Shot 2013?

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  1. I think your best are all of your daughter, either goggles, corn or Canada day. For color, composition and general interest. But your photography is great, overall!

    Rebecca (true)
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