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The zoo levee passed! I had been volunteering as a social media ambassador. Good to see that voters in Hamilton County passed it with 80% of the vote.
Just voted #YESon2 to #RENEWtheZOO!

I submitted a profile to the Cincinnati Metro‘s November, 2013, newsletter.

My picture wall keeps growing

In my post about “The Day After,” I mention Able Archer 83. On You Tube, I found a great documentary about it, “1983: The Brink of Apocalypse,” which shows just how dangerous that time was. It is definitely worth the watch–you really get the sense that that was truly the closest we came to the Cold War going hot.

eHarmony for Bananas
eHarmony for Bananas

Buzzfeed used one of my fennec fox pictures in their post, “10 Animals That Will Always Be Fun-Sized”

A leaf on the skylight can be a cause for concern.
The leaf on the skylight is driving Luna insane! #cats #catsofinstagram

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