World War Two Oatmeal Molasses Cookies   6 comments

Molasses oatmeal coockies, 'cause cookies>candy #food #bakingOne thing about life: the longer you live, the more you learn about yourself. I’ve started to realize that there are things I’ve tried to like, but really don’t (for that matter, I’ve discovered things I thought I didn’t like, but really do). Or, perhaps not quite that extreme: one thing is good, but I much prefer a different thing. I think I’ve come to realize that about most candy. I enjoy some of it, but, if I can only have so many calories, I will generally pick a cookie over a candy bar.

This realization came at about 9:30 PM on Halloween. We had plenty of left over M&Ms, and my daughter’s basket to raid, but I really wanted a cookie. So, I decided to make some.

I decided to try a new recipe, oatmeal molasses cookies. The recipe I found was described as a family recipe. During World War II, rationing made brown sugar vary difficult to come by–more so than white sugar. Molasses was used instead. This is just one of the many ways the war impacted the home front. That made the recipe seem particularly interesting.

A quick check through the kitchen confirmed I had everything I needed. I did make two tweaks. First, instead of the (optional) walnuts, I toasted and chopped some pecans. They are, after all, my nut of choice. More importantly, I choose not to do raisins. I really don’t care for them in general, and feel very cheated when I think there are chocolate chips in a cookie, and they turn out to be raisins (really, that’s just mean). Instead, I went with chocolate chips. Specifically, Ghirardelli 60% Cacao. I thought milk chocolate would be too sweet.

An hour later, I had cookies.

We really like the results. They have sweetness, but not too sweet, with a sort of heaviness to them. They reminded me more of a granola bar than a cookie (though I do know, after plugging in the ingredients into a nutrition calculator, they decidedly aren’t breakfast). The recipe is definitely a keeper.

It’s really nice to learn about yourself. This helped me realize where preferences truly were. I also know that I can go from nothing to cookies with little effort, but with awesome results.

Posted 2013-11-02 by Mr. Guilt in food

6 responses to “World War Two Oatmeal Molasses Cookies

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  1. I wonder if you would like Anzac biscuits. These were originally made for Australian & New Zealand troops serving in WW1 – there are no eggs in the recipe – they were very scarce at the time and also so the biscuits would not spoil on their (very) long journey by sea from Australia. Both Australia & NZ have laws protecting the word and I don’t think you can make the biscuits commercially unless they are the exact recipe – and you can never refer to them as “cookies”.

    From the Australian War Memorial site:
    My grandmother used to make Recipe # 2 and sometimes she’d add a bit of ginger to gussy them up – though I guess then they were not really authentic Anzac biscuits! Golden syrup is treacle – not sure how easy that is to get here. It’s not as strong or bitter as molasses.

    • Looks interesting! I may try that. The golden syrup may not be too hard for me to come by–I think I’ve seen it at Jungle Jim’s.

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